Thursday, April 17, 2014

Swarm at Puerto Rico, Where Would Shaking Be Coming From? ALSO: Someone Blogging ABOUT The EQ Guy!!!

Checking the latest earthquakes I found that it looked like there were a lot of them from Puerto Rico, which isn't all that unusual except that it was enough to go to the map of Puerto Rico and see what the entire list looked like on the map. It was just as I thought! A lot of them all in one place and with the first one being the furthest south, followed by ones further north. . . and then a whole big cluster of them all a few miles offshore and north of that island. Here is the entire list of all those earthquakes at Puerto Rico as of this writing:

I was getting a lot of comments all of the sudden on my V-Log page and so out of curiosity I always check to see where and who all the comments are, of course up to this point all very nice comments, but my regular readers just might want to check out this very nice Dudes blog that has a great story about MEEEEE!!! Check It Out!!!!!

AND of course with the April Full Moon now past we will still need to continue watching for earthquakes crossing the Pacific Tectonic Plate or you might as well just say ocean, on the way towards our West Coast! Up to this point it looks like my final answer on San Bernardino is going to be that it will already be covered by my existing Official Prediction and there will simply be an "Ammendment" to the existing O.P. to discuss the fact that when the line of earthquake energy crosses the Valley. . . it will continue on up over the San Gabriel Mountians and intersect with the San Andreas Fault up around Palmdale and Wrightwood along with the fact that next inline is San Bernardino and since they are already situated between the San Fernando Valley and Tijuana they are already covered by this O.P. and maybe I'll include a pic or two of my reading from the globe/straight-line tool. You can see the existing original Official Prediction @ AND as soon as I get that update or ammendment all written up I will surely have it here, but for now you pretty much already know what it will be all about and are just waiting on me getting some pics of my globe reading! You Are Up to date, so keep watching because I have a feeling it is not the last we've heard of those 8.2 Richters Earthquakes!!! Plural. . . because there have now been TWO!!! And probably MORE Coming!!! Thank-You Again For Reading!!! EQ Guy

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Full Moon Window Will Run All Through Wednesday This Week!!! 8.2 and 8.2 Will Continue On. . . . .

Yes, it has been one of those full moons, although we have been getting so much shaking on the full and new moons that I feel I must say right here and now that all of the alerts that we are most watching for do not necessarily respond to the additional pull of the full moon. Of course the full moon can trigger earthquakes, but when the April Full Moon passes we will continue to watch for these two big alerts into May 2014 because this is a lot of earthquake energy we are talking about here, you know!

A couple of very important updates tonight including the fact that I re-ran the line from the landfall at Madagascar of Tropical Cyclone Hellen on March 31, 2014 and it did not exactly line up with the epicenter of all the shaking out at Solomon Islands. . . therefore it may be less likely San Fernando will get a direct hit from all this Major Earthquake Energy, but it also occurred to me San Fernando is not the San Andreas Fault, either. The San Andreas Fault in that scenario is up in the Palmdale/Lancaster Neighborhood and runs past Wrightwood and then through or very close to San Bernardino. So, San Fernando is about the first populated place along this line after Hawaii, but the line goes on to CROSS The San Andreas Fault further out beyond Los Angeles and those places I listed there might be more likely to be exact town names that become epicenters of this potentially as big as 8 Magnitude Shaker.

Finally, I took a good close look at the landfall of Tropical Cyclone Ita North of Cairns Australia and noticed Hokaido, Japan at the top of the globe, there, and Tasmania and Macquarie Island at the bottom. This line also crosses directly through Urkuska, Russia, and just past Wallis and Fortuna and the Caribbean as well as a lot of the Mid-Atlantic while not really looking too much like Azores or Lisbon could get much shaking, but at the same time this line of huge earthquake energy does run a little close to South America, while not actually crossing onto land there.

Got a great pic of the "Blood Moon" but to answer all the questions about what effect it will have on earthquakes, I do not believe any more pull than usual moons. Some great pics, though and actually watched as the eclipse crossed over the face of the moon and somehow it suddenly right at about the exact moment it might usually go totally dark after being completely covered by the shadow of earth. . . instead it turned reddish? Have not quite yet figured out why due to one channel about to tell that story when I walked away from the TV, and the radio being about to tell it at work on Tuesday, when Name Edited Guy interrupted. So. . . . . at some point I will find out what makes that full moon effect tick and update you all here! Until then you are up to date and Thank-You for Reading!!! EQ Guy

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April Full Moon Window WITH That Total Eclipse!!!!! Watching For Major Earthquake, Too!!! 8.2 And 8.2 Coming!!!

As the sky clears up around my part of the country I am on the verge of getting an optimum view of this eclipse that has been all over in the news! Just now viewed the wonderful Full Moon high in the Southern Sky and as soon as I am finished here I will be catching and photographing the entire thing, or as much as you can see at 2:45am!!!

In the mean time it will be the height of the April Full Moon Window and let us plan on running the full moon window through Tuesday and perhaps into Wednesday a little just as a precaution. First let us see what we come up with as far as earthquakes are concerned with the one alert currently headed out into the Pacific Islands we are sure to get some major aftershocks of both or either of the PNG New Guinea, or the Solomon Islands 8.2! One of those shaky spots out in the middle of the Pacific will most likly do some shaking it is just a matter of how much shaking and how close to the exact moment of the full moon all the shaking will be going on at!

Here is this weeks EQ V-Log:

Finally, I haven't decided what to do with the potential San Francisco/San Bernardino Alert, however here is what I'm thinking. . . since the San Francisco angle was basically the result of one of the locations where another big Tropical Cyclone had made landfall was very near the recent one, it occurred to me I could hardly submit such an assertion to real and true professional earthquake folks such as my friends at CEPEC and NEPEC. No, rather it would have to contain enough information so as to more or less physically point to a much more specific location than just the events found in an old newspaper albeit a huge story. Weighty as it is and might sound, San Francisco is only now being included due to one other major correlation and as a result might not be in the cross-hairs of all this new upcoming Major Earthquake Energy. I say it is, but real professionals could not be swayed into any action beyond reading my material themselves and I honestly do not really have too much more than that. The other factoid I might submit would be the straight line across the San Fernando Valley could cause the San Andreas Fault to kick a little in the direction of Frisco and possibly the Triple Plate Junction (TPJ), but that in itself is even somewhat of a long-shot with that ominous straight-line traveling right through the heart of that valley so as to bisect it. All bets are on San Fernando who by the way actually had a small shaker early on Monday for what it's worth. So I will stay with the predicted magnitude range of 6.5 to 7.9 and San Fernando to Tijuana at least for now.

And it must yet cross the Hawaii Region and possibly shake out there, too! Having spent considerable time working on this I also came up with one from the past known today as the "Mettler Swarm" and want to note that the "Grand Finale" DOES NOT lose any of its punch at all with these swarms, and foreshocks such as might be what struck Solomon Islands Sunday! COULD be the whole entire force of that 8.2 Richters crossing the Pacific Tectonic Plate and headed directly for San Fernando/Tijuana!!!!! All of it!!!!! There were also a number of those like that there prior to the Great Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami of 2004, too! AND they hardly damped down the size of that one! Be Watching because there could still be 8.2 and 8.2 out there with one crossing and one coming up the shore from Chile and Nicaragua!!! AND Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

Monday, April 14, 2014

This Weeks New EQ Video Log, V-Log!!! Full Moon Alert is Tonight!!!! WATCH For Earthquakes!!!

Could be a couple of 8 Magnitude Earthquakes out there somewhere, yet, and both San Fernando and San Francisco are inline!!! Also Tijuana, and Hawaii, so be watching!!! Now my New EQ V-Log!!!
UPDATE Coming Soon!!! Thank-You For Watching!!! EQ Guy

LOOKS Like Next Big California Earthquake Could Be 8.2 San Francisco!!!??? San Bernardino??? Full Moon Window Starts NOW!!!

Actual moment of the April 2014 Full Moon will be tomorrow morning at 2:45am Central, 12:45am Pacific and so the April Full Moon Window already started at those times today!!! WATCH For lots of shaking!!!

Haven't decided yet if this should be my next "Official Prediction". . . or if you are simply reading it here right now and that will be the end of it because all that Major Earthquake Energy that appears to have just now crossed at The Solomon Islands might be either the same exact earthquake energy already headed for San Fernando (See recent prediction link below) or now a lot of brand new Major Earthquake Energy with San Francisco as a possible epicenter! So, I went and checked the Hurricane Card to see what day we were at on that Official Prediction from the landfall of Tropical Cyclone Hellen at Madagascar and found that we are now at Day-14 after that landfall. The reason I wanted to know was because all of the brand new huge Major Earthquake Energy out in the Pacific at Solomon Islands seemed like quite a lot for just that landfall of Tropical Cyclone Ita a couple days ago and it occurred to me the previous landfall of Tropical Cyclone Hellen might have been a factor in Solomon Islands when I then realized the line of Earthquake Energy from that big windstorm DID run right through that area and very near the North Island of New Zealand! IF, just IF this is the case. . . then I want to remind everybody reading this now that was the line of major Earthquake Energy heading directly for San Fernando Valley and the Tijuana Region!!! I extrapolated all this with the fact that there was an almost identical fault line involved in the Solomon Islands series identical to the long straight run of San Andreas to the curve at San Bernardino. . . and though possibly add San Francisco and San Bernardino to this already dangerous alert and possibly to the Official Prediction as well, haven't decided what to do there, yet.

CLUSTER at Left struck with landfall of Ita, Cluster at right was 8.2 / 7.6 Solomon Islands there where bend in "San Andreas" is identical to San Bernardio, almost Downtown!!! Also that offshoot fault line there is coincidentally also the very route of Tropical Cyclone Ita! Complete with yellow dot where an earthquake must have struck while T.C. Ita was directly on top of this fault line, F.Y.I.

The existing Official Prediction to which I may now want to add San Francisco/San Bernardino is at HOWEVER among the problems I will have to deal with as I decide what I'm going to do here is the fact that I believe San Francisco/San Bernardino goes up to more in the 8.2 or 8.3 Range due to all the huge shaking they're getting and San Fernando/Tijuana is sort of inline for this one, too. Therefore I suppose I could simply add Frisco to the existing O.P. and note the higher possible Magnitude. . . but it does sort of still seem like this would then be a whole entirely new O.P./EQ Alert, so I guess I'm still not sure what I'm going to do there. Until then watch San Francisco for up to 8.2 Richters because one of the locations where previous big Tropical Cyclones have made landfall along that Eastern Shore of Australia is the location of the big Tropical Cyclone that preceded the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906!!! Just Sayin'

Here is the latest list of all the Earthquakes in the Solomon Island series updated as of Sunday and the 7.6 downgraded to a 7.4: AND Yes, it does seem like there was just an 8.2 downgraded to a 7.6, and now a 7.6 downgraded to a 7.4 and YES, it does complicate things, but the ability to keep track of such complex procedures is going to inevitably have to just become what it takes into the future to track earthquake energy in this manner. . . . . or they could quit downgrading everything all the time, too.

Might also watch around Hawaii, and the latest on the other side of the Pacific, or US. . . is that 6.6 Nicaragua could also mean heading for West Coast after traveling up from Chile 8.2 so either way it doesn't look too good for California!!! And watch the next few days with the full moon, too! Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

Saturday, April 12, 2014

8.3 Richters Earthquake Strikes Solomon Islands, Tsunami Cancled, NOW Also a 7.4 Sunday Morning and List UPDATED!!!

This earthquake was then downgraded at some point to a 7.6 but was still pretty much as I discussed in todays earlier EQ Blog @ AND there was a story about it on the front page of MSNBC that I saw as soon as I got home from the new Kevin Costner Movie "Draft Day" which was a Great Movie and had me on the edge of my seat a number of times waiting to see what was going to happen next! Can't tell too much more about it without giving away what trades he makes throughout the movie and the ending!!! Highly Recommended!!!

So, here is a link to that MSNBC Story:

And here is the entire list of earthquakes at Solomon Islands as well as those from New Guinea that I was about to be posting here when that 8.3 struck and saying to watch for this here 8.3, List UPDATED Sunday Morning now includes the 7.4 that struck Early Sunday@

Thank-You for Reading!!! Major Earthquakes are coming!!! Be Prepared!!! Update Soon!!! EQ Guy

Tropical Cyclone ITA Makes Landfall at Far North of Queensland, 6.6 Richters Strikes Nicaragua, AND a 3.2 Strikes 33 Miles SSE of Coachella!!!

I've always marveled at the Coachella Festival out there in beautiful Coachella and noticed it is not unusual for an earthquake to coincide with the big fest! Well, this year I had not yet gotten around to guessing this would happen, and only in the last day or so seen it mentioned that it was, or might be, this weekend. That was until late Friday when I checked out the list of latest earthquakes and spotted Salton Sea, and 33 Miles SSE of Coachella staring at me on the list, there! Could be more coming for that area but hopefully just those little shakers like that and in general the epicenters in that region are generally up there in the much higher desert regions more towards Barstow or Borrego Springs to the west.

The 6.6 was a fairly big earthquake at Nicaragua and there could be more in that region and it is possible that is the movement of the Pacific Tectonic Plate headed for Tijuana and San Fernando Valley as I stated in recent Official Prediction if anybody wants to see it and hasn't yet, it's at:

Landfall of Tropical Cyclone ITA at the far north of Queensland, Australia around Cooktown is all over the news if you type in the name of that storm in a search engine! Now also has its own Wikipedia Page, too!!! @ AND while I wanted to update the story on there about the earthquake. . . maybe one of you will like to edit Wikipedia a little there and write up the part from my yesterdays EQ Blog about the 7.1 at New Guinea striking at the same exact moment as the eye of that cyclone made landfall. A close examanition of the facts revealed that in the two frames that were posted in the clip at the exact hour of that landfall, the 7.1 would have struck right at the moment the eye-wall itself was contacting land and if it matters the 7.1 earthquakes' epicenter was up amidst the islands where ITA was originated! Not quite sure if that is because the winds pushed Australia west, or if it had something to do with ocean currents, storm surge, or convection?

And in the process of observing all that stuff, there, I also managed to add one more city to the list of places where Major Earthquakes have struck after similar landfalls!!!!! Yes, San Francisco 1906 hit on Day-45 after the landfall of a cyclone at Croydon, Australia on March 4, 1906 with the anniversary of that 1906 Earthquake coming up this time next week on April 18, 2014 it will be 108 years ago!!!!! Hopefully this cyclone did not make landfall at that same "Sweet Spot" if you know what I mean!!!

However it did make landfall just the same and will mean more Major Earthquakes so be watching around the Indian Ocean/Australian Tectonic Plate and the Pacific now for the next 7.6 to 8.1 Richters Earthquake and Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

Friday, April 11, 2014

HUGE And Very Dangerous Landfall of Tropical Cyclone Ita North of Cairns, Australia!!! 7.1 at Papua New Guinea! AND Aftershocks Nicaragua

It sort of almost looks like they had that 7.1 at Papua New Guinea at about the same instant that Tropical Cyclone ITA was making its huge landfall at Australia! That is the landfall of TC Ita pushing against the shores North of Cairns, Australia might well have already been the first in a potential series of Major Shakers yet to come in the wake of the landfall of this Huge Windstorm with wind gusts reported as high as 189 mph!!!

I do recall mentioning in my earlier EQ Blog today that we should probably watch immediately for shaking due to the possibility that just such a thing could occur and am not really too surprised that we did have something like that or at least it appears we do. You decide whether they were connected. . . but I am going to say they are!

One of the aftershocks of yesterdays 6.1 that struck 25 miles north of Managua, Nicaragua has now struck to the Southwest of that city and left the City of Managua situated just about right in between the Major Earthquake and now at least one of the aftershocks. Could indicate this city might be next inline to become an actual epicenter itself, just a matter of how big and how close to the heart of that city! Managua was struck by a big earthquake in the 1970's, you know.

Landfall of Tropical Cyclone unfortunately will probably mean the NEXT in the line with other major earthquakes that have been the result of similar Tropical Cyclones that I know of striking that very dangerous region of North East Australia with the others being the Bam, Iran Earthquake of 2004, Haichang, China Earthquake of 1975, Christchurch, and Honshu Japan Earthquakes of 2011. ALL are Major Earthquakes that struck following the landfall of similar huge Tropical Cyclones up in those northern shores of Australia and if that 7.1 at Papua New Guinea at 2:07am Central Time and immediately following the EYE of T.C. Ita's landfall, is any indication. . . then the tectonic plate there is already on the move!!! Be Watching!!! EQ Guy

6.1 Richters Strikes 25 Miles From Managua, Nicaragua!!!!! Damage Reported!!! Landfall Near for Huge Tropical Storm Ita North of Cairns!!!

Actual place of landfall on Tropical Cyclone Ita will be near Cairns, Australia and I mentioned Darwin, Australia in an earlier EQ Blog, sorry! Wind Gusts now reported with top speed of 189 mph, so this will now be a very serious matter when it makes landfall in the coming hours or sometime on Friday our time. You may go to this link and check out for yourself the latest satellite clip @ Heads up because a huge "MegaThruster/Tsunami" Alert is going to follow and you might want to start watching immediately because there is always the chance that someplace such as New Zealand could get shook up immediately upon that huge windstorm approaching the Australian Coast!!! California is not too far down the road, either. . . especially with that other 8.2 lurking out there somewhere around the Pacific!

There has been at least one report of damage, from the 6.1 Near Managua, that I spotted on Twitter but have no actual reports other than one pic I saw out of the corner of my eye while scrolling my timeline on EQ Twitter. There IS damage, though and according to my calculations there could be a lot of it at Managua, the capital city 25 miles to the south along the shores of Lake Managua and there has been at least one aftershock, too! Also there are a number of towns closer and the epicenter of this 6.1 was well away from the ocean on land there. This could also be an indication that the earthquake energy around the Pacific as a result of the 8.2 at Chile just might be now heading closer to our West Coast and California.

One more chance to check out my latest Official Prediction for San Fernando Valley-Tijuana due to that movement of Pacific Plate @

This Weeks EQ Podcast also discusses that:
AND some of my regular readers might have noticed that I have occasionally copied the Podcast in "AutoPlay" format. . . but I have always removed the Autoplay feature a few hours after I post it because it might be automatically playing in some instances or places where folks might not have wanted to hear "The EQ Guy" go right into his announcing thing without any notice if you know what I mean.

Finally Oklahoma continues to shake and if and when all of the other major stuff happening ever lets up I will give you a whole run-down on what is going on there! For now continue to watch because there is a lot of HUGE stuff going on with Major Earthquakes and Algiers, Azores, Iceland, San Fernando Valley and the Tijuana Region could be next!!! Thank-You Again for Reading!!! EQ Guy

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Now HUGE New Tropical Cyclone Ita Nears Landfall at Australia!!! New HUGE MegaThruster/Tsunami Alert Coming!?

Just watched the very latest satellite clip of Tropical Cyclone Ita nearing landfall at North of Queensland, Australia and with winds now UPGRADED to 165 Knots/189mph Gusts. . . could be next HUGE MegaThruster/Tsunami Alert!!!!! Or probably will be when we see that landfall! Sorry to folks up in Darwin, Australia Neighborhood near that landfall, too! Here is latest satellite clip @

Here is This Weeks Brand-New EQ Podcast also with some discussion about Tropical Cyclone Ita:

Filed a New Official Prediction for San Fernando Valley-Tijuana due to potential earthquake from continued movement of Pacific Plate after 8.2 Chile @

Among the other earthquake stuff that has been happening in the last day or so was a very curious incident with TWO Earthquakes both of 5.2 Striking at opposite ends of the world last night! Both 5.2's struck at 15:29 and :02 Wallis Fortuna, and :11 at Pacific/Antarctic Plate Boundary, so basically you could say 7 seconds apart give or take how long the Wallis and Fortuna Earthquake shook! Not sure as I write this if the two exactly the same Richters Earthquakes were exactly connected. . . or not. Looks like they had to have been connected in some way, but probably not to the extent that they could possibly have been the same earthquake although they are almost at opposite points of the earth and left me wondering if they were not just one big earthquake, that shook one whole region? What region that would have been I haven't figured out, perhaps all of South America?

Idaho also had a 4.1 possibly leading to more or the next big Yellowstone 5 Magnitude Earthquake in the coming days, and Oklahoma had their usual 4.1 and 3.7 Earthquakes that are becoming routine these days!

Line of major shaking does seriously cross San Fernando Valley and a re-check revealed Tijuana, Mexico so much for hoping a re-check would make that huge earthquake energy go away, you know! Also be watching those other places such as Algiers, Mozambique, Azores, and etc. Be Prepared San Fernando Valley and Tijuana Region. . . there could be an 8 Magnitude Earthquake or smaller, heading directly for all of you!!! EQ Guy

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

NEW Official Prediction: San Fernando Valley/Tijuana!!!

Complete Official Prediction is now posted at EQ Blog-2 @

LOTS of Earthquakes Up Near Tehacahapi, and Bakersfield Region!!! 15 Richters Total So Far!!!!! ALSO: Link To New Official Prediction for San Fernando/Tijuana!!!

There were a few of these already in early on Tuesday, but when I looked just now I noticed many more so I checked the map and found all of these on this list plus two others from earlier that are not on the list from Tuesday. Here is the list reading up:

2.5 3km SSW of Wofford Heights, California 2014-04-08 22:49:08
1.4 4km S of Wofford Heights, California 2014-04-08 19:13:39
1.6 4km S of Wofford Heights, California 2014-04-08 19:04:51
1.8 4km SSW of Wofford Heights, California 2014-04-08 16:54:06
1.4 4km SSW of Wofford Heights, California 2014-04-08 14:57:09
1.6 4km SSW of Wofford Heights, California 2014-04-08 14:16:36
2.5 4km SSW of Wofford Heights, California 2014-04-08 14:07:37
3.0 4km S of Wofford Heights, California 2014-04-08 14:06:19
15.8 Richters

It appears the felt report is coming primarily from folks in the Los Angeles area who are patiently awaiting the next (Possibly Upcoming) Major Los Angeles Earthquake. . . and are very generously taking the time to write out reports about every single time the ground moves there in L.A. The result being that we seem to now constantly get reports along with just about every single Southern California Earthquake coming from Brea, La Habra, Whittier, and etc. But in the case of this particular earthquake or series of them, you might notice the number of felt reports that came from Lake Isabella: 12! Here is the complete Felt Report from just the 3.0 at the start of the above list:

FELT REPORT From 3.0 at Lake Isabella:
Brea (92821) CA, United States of America..................1.....200 km
East Tulare County (00026) CA, United States of America.2..62 km
El Segundo (90245) CA, United States of America..........1.....194 km
Kernville (93238) CA, United States of America.............5......15 km
La Habra (90631) CA, United States of America............3.....197 km
Lake Isabella (93240) CA, United States of America......12......12 km
Weldon (93283) CA, United States of America..............3......31 km
Whittier (90603) CA, United States of America..............1.....196 km
Wofford Heights (93285) CA, United States of America..6......15 km

Finally, the seriousness of Brand New Tropical Cyclone ITA is growing quickly!!!!! Early Tuesday it was a big windstorm circling the islands just to the northeast of Australia and as of early today it is starting to look a lot more like a huge hurricane with maximum wind gust speeds now predicted to go as high as 135 Knots and Maximum Pressure at 970. T.C. Ita has a few more miles to go yet before landfall at it looks like Queensland, Australia and maybe 48 hours, but looks very much like it might grow fast and the landfall will most likely be the next very big and dangerous one! You might like to try this link to the satellite clip I just looked at, clip might even update for you throughout day: THIS WILL probably be the next really big earthquake we will be tracking and the upcoming possible alert will be in affect the minute Ita makes landfall, too.

Tropical Cyclone Ita is actually looking a lot like Severe Tropical Cyclone Yasi that made a very similar landfall in 2011 and came to precede both the Christchurch Earthquake and the big Honshu Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, so watch Ita closely!!!!! EQ Guy

Here is the link to New Official Prediction: San Fernando/Tijuana @

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

4.7 Richters Strikes 300 Miles South of Paris, France!!! 500 Miles From Algeria!!! More Coming!!!

I was measuring the distances from these towns in the region of this France Earthquake due to it looking kind of big and knowing it was situated up in that region where there is a Major Earthquake heading and hopefully just passing since by now everybody has seen, heard, or read Algiers, Algeria, Morocco, Azores, and Iceland in a number of EQ Blogs, etc., but while I may not have wrote Paris or France. . . it would not be unusual for such an earthquake to strike up in that region, although I do not know what the biggest Paris Earthquake of all time might have been?

This 4.7 also struck 800 miles Northeast of Lisbon, Portugal and 100 miles from Geneva. The thing that was probably the most notable from the perspective of watching that line, is the fact it looks like this earthquake energy might have actually run directly through Morocco and Algeria to get to this epicenter there in the middle of France! I measured about 500 miles from Algeria and the boundary with Morocco is not far from there and I can clearly see Algeria on the map right there in the middle of all the action as I am writing this. Fairly big felt report, but I did not see Paris on there and am not great with my French town names, so I won't bother with the felt report besides saying Paris isn't on the list. Rule I use there is 4.7 might be felt as many miles if you move the decimal point over one space in this case to the right, or 47 miles and Paris was 300 miles. Sort of a new experimental rule that I sort of just made up as I was preparing todays EQ Blog, but might need a little work. Prior to this use of that new "Move the decimal" rule, I had just glanced at the numbers in this case 4.7 and automatically just said 47 or 50 miles without moving the decimal, so you are up to date on that latest calculation I'm using. Didn't work so great earlier today when that 4.0 hit near Oklahoma City, because it was like 30 miles from Oklahoma City so according to my fairly new formula there might not be any felt reports from OKC. . . wrong, there were reports it looked like from just about every Zip Code, although mostly one or two's, so there is still at least some hope for my new numbers theory.

There have also been a number of earthquakes in Mexico at 4.7, 4.5, and 3.2 Enseneda. With the 4.7 being 137 miles West of Guatemala City, and the 4.5 at 327 miles Northwest of Guatemala City. And my notes say Gibraltar is in there somewhere, too!!!

Finally, continue to watch Mozambique because it still seems a bit unusual they do not seem to have gotten anything out of all this, yet, and New Zealand also, although the earthquake energy is going to split that tectonic plate boundary right up the middle on its way up and across the Pacific, it is very possible this will cause some kind of major movement of the islands out in that region too many to go into the list of all. Could be a huge earthquake for New Zealand, though and with a foreshock at Chile of 8.2 this could easily be an 8 Magnitude Earthquake for the New Zealand Neighborhood in the coming days. Los Angeles, Tijuana, and San Fernando is still very much along the line, too, so be watching L.A. and be prepared!!! Thank-You Again for Reading!!! EQ Guy