Friday, August 28, 2015

LANDFALL of Tropical Storm Erika at Island of Hispaniola, Dominican Republic, and Haiti Right Now!!! UPDATE: This Windstorm Has Now Dissapated, Alert Canceled!!!

UPDATE: As of Early on Sunday, Tropical Storm Erika has now dissipated and is not even any longer a windstorm, rather just a basic rainstorm headed for Florida and expected only to bring a lot of rain there! Repeat, Erika is no longer a significant windstorm much less a Tropical Storm or Hurricane as they seem to have been predicting. Now That once urgent update that is now canceled:

This is happening right now as of around Noon Central Time and the latest satellite view shows that Tropical Storm Erika might even strengthen BEFORE it crosses that island!!! This is not only a severe weather situation, but the storm will very soon be crossing almost directly over the epicenter of the Haiti Earthquake of 2010 and there will always be the possibility that there could be some Major Earthquake Energy happeningin in that immediate region as it happens, too! Puerto Rico is also just a few miles east of all of this happening although mostly at the Island of Hispaniola, any of these extremely shaky places such as even Jamaica, or Cuba could shake!!! Here's the latest predicted track for Tropical Storm Erika:
As you can probably see on the above illustration this big windstorm is also going to be hitting Florida and there could be even more earthquake energy happening at that point if it happens to also be this weekend, and the Exact Moment of the August Full Moon is around Noon Saturday with that Full Moon Window more or less starting right now or around 1:30pm Central Time on Friday and will no doubt be a Major Factor in a lot of shaking!!! Somewhere!!!

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Anniversary of Katrina, August Full Moon, and This Weeks Recorded Version of "Earthquake Minute"!!!

Not sure if there will be an actual "Earthquake Minute" this week due to a live radio broadcast scheduled to air in place of my usual show. Therefore unless it's a Major Earthquake I will not be in my nearby big city at the radio station where I usually am on Friday you know. Here is a recorded version of Earthquake Minute you might still enjoy albeit without having happened live on-the-air, CLICK Arrow:

Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina/Louisiana August 29th!!! The actual moment of landfall of Hurricane Katrina at Louisiana will fall just a few hours past the Exact Moment of the August Full Moon which will be around one in the afternoon on Saturday with the landfall having mostly taken place later in the evening. This landfall was one of the more notable landfalls of a hurricane or typhoon in that it traveled, and traveled, and traveled and continued on as a Hurricane practically all through the next day and into the next night almost, although I'm not sure where it became a Tropical Storm, I do seem to recall it was something like 18 hours on land as a hurricane and did damage all the way up into like Tennessee. So, this weekend will mark the day or days that all this happened and next week I will go on to explain how I tracked all of the earthquake energy that was to come!!!!!

Trouble and a whole lot of it coming up through the Caribbean right now as I'm writing this in the form of Tropical Storm Ericka!!! Now Danny and Ericka have both made similar landfalls along those islands of the Caribbean that I've been calling the Windward Islands, although that name might more specifically be a reference to just a couple islands of the Caribbean, I've been using the name Windward Islands collectively to refer to all the ones furthest out into the Atlantic from Pureto Rico and Virgin Islands. . . all the way south to French Guyana pretty much, all those islands and they may not all be Windward Islands, sorry. Tropical Storm Erica is predicted to continue on and strike Florida into next week and they are already talking preparations there!!! The day Hurricane Irene made landfall at Puerto Rico was followed like next day by the 5.8 Washington DC Earthquake back in 2011, just saying!!!

Danny and Ericka in the Caribbean means Lots of new Earthquake Energy and as I think I discussed in this weeks "Earthquake Minute" it means an earthquake for the Mexico City Region and I'm putting that one at 6 or 7. Full Moon Window will start around one on Friday and run through Sunday and there is sure to be some shaking with all those alerts currently going on around the world! Watch Russia, Santiago, and Pacific Islands because that big 7.9 Earthuqkae/Tsunami could be this weekend you know! EQ Guy

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Camera Operator And News Journalist Were Killed Over Live Television in Virginia on Wednesday!!! My Condolences!!!

By the time you read this blog you might already have heard that there was a shooting in Virginia involving a Camera Operator and a News Journalist who were on the scene at a location where they were covering a story. There was also a lady who was being interviewed apparently live at the exact moment when a shooter stepped up to them who was also recording the events for himself apparently and commenced to fire several shots putting the Cameraman down and that was the point where the News Anchor back at the station came on to say she did not know what had just happened there but of course went on with the news broadcast. So, I thought I mostly wanted to take a moment to express my own personal sympathy for all those involved at that station and everyone in that community where some of this incident might have actually made the airwaves before Channel 7 there took it back to the station. By time you read this a lot of the matter will probably be sorted out and you may already have gotten all the details, but for now let me say how sorry I am for such a great loss to the news journalism industry as those two wonderful folks who were out there doing their jobs to bring you the news!!! My Sincere Sympathy to all involved!!!

Today is about the date when Hurricane Katrina was crossing Florida and also known as the days when all the alerts were going out around Louisiana and they had not quite determined where it would make landfall so a lot of people were on alert! The anniversary of the actual Landfall of Hurricane Katrina at Louisiana will be on August 29, 2015 and by then I had been already tracking Major Earthquake Energy from the likes of Hurricane Ivan, Hurricane Frances, and many others and knew full well that this landfall going at the rate it was heading across the Gulf of Mexico was going to be trouble!!! Didn't much matter where it would make landfall because it was just a matter of time and what way it eventually would head that would determine exactly where and when that next Major Earthquake that I knew full well back in 2005 would happen!!!

Full Moon Window will start on Friday at 1:38pm Central Time with the exact moment of the August Full Moon being on Saturday at 1:38pm Central Time and the window running on into Sunday. A few places we will especially be watching for Major Earthquakes include Russia, Santiago, and Pacific Islands. A tsunami could show up at some of those locations, too! Again, God Bless all my friends in TV News and Sincere Sympathy to those in Virginia!!! EQ Guy

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

5.3 Richters Strikes South of Japan Very Near Location of Landfall of Typhoon Goni Yesterday!!! COULD Mean Huge Japan Earthquake!!!

I will start out with the drawing of landfall of Typhoon Goni from yesterday and you can see the South of Japan in this pic and just off to the right about 50 or 100 miles will be about the epicenter of the late Tuesday Earthquake of 5.3 there, notice I just put a RED-X there, too:

OK, so this earthquake is so close to where that big typhoon just made landfall that I have to show you a headline out of my very first earthquake book from the year 2005 that actually included this here headline or a photocopy of this, check it out and see what it says:
Told me from the very start and might well have been one of those headlines that kept me researching this subject due to it being so directly related to all the work I do and have been doing for so long now if you know what I mean. Yes, it actually looks like on this occasion in 1923 the earthquake struck just hours after the landfall of that big typhoon! Better keep watching because this might only have been the foreshock! Something much bigger could be lurking and this is also almost that exact straight line headed for Seattle and Cascadia now, too!!!

Lots of people stopping by to check out my newest EQ V-Log and you can SEE it now at YouTube@

Looks like Hurricane Danny might have run up against the shallow waters of the Windward Islands there and that could actually be what happened to Hurricane Danny! I know the hurricane is now gone and it's final act was a run in with Antigua, Guadeloupe, and Dominica but those shallow waters of that shelf where all those islands and several others are situated can also mean some new Earthquake Energy! This could now mean somewhat of an earthquake for Mexico City to be watching for because this possible line of earthquake energy theoretically goes directly through Mexico City! Hurricane Erika is next along those lines and they're saying this one will travel up the Florida Coast in the coming days so let us continue to watch the Atlantic Hurricane situation!

Continue to watch Russia, Santiago, and Pacific Islands for Major Earthquakes and possible tsunami's and now that I think about it I probably should also have said Japan, but I'm saying it now also watch Japan and possible tsunami there, too!!! EQ Guy

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Landfall of Typhoon Goni At South of Japan Will Mean Next Big Seattle, Possible Cascadia Earthquake!!!

Landfall of Typhoon Goni just turned enough to the north that it looks like it will probably not result in all the usual shaking around Northern California that they get there when this region of Japan suffers such a landfall as they're getting right about now as I'm writing Tuesdays EQ Blog. However it is very unfortunate now that instead of the straight line of all the new Major Earthquake Energy heading for California. . . it now looks like it's going to be headed for the Seattle and Cascadia Region and could be a big earthquake, too! Line does go directly through it and I'll have that pic for you like in tomorrows EQ Blog and will also then double-check for the exact location of this now upcoming possible 7 or 8 Richters West Coast Shaker!!!

If you haven't already seen my latest EQ Video Log also featuring a lot of the other stuff I've been busy doing over the Summer of 2015, then please feel free to CLICK Arrow:
SEE it at YouTube@ First guitar player is Mr. Sonny Landreth, one of the others is the Doobie Brothers at Summerfest in Milwaukee, and the remaining two are Sonny's opening act at Blues Fest in Wausau, and a local band playing last weekend if you guessed Lake Geneva! Thank-You For Watching!!! EQ Guy

JUST looks sort of like something more serious might happen yet in Santiago, Chile!!! Here's the current complete list from that region starting with that 5.5 yesterday:

4.5 27km NW of La Serena, Chile 2015-08-25 01:16:39
4.6 94km NNE of Calama, Chile 2015-08-24 09:24:07
4.9 59km SE of Ilo, Peru 2015-08-24 05:01:03
4.8 18km NNW of La Serena, Chile 2015-08-24 00:13:50
4.3 7km NNE of La Serena, Chile 2015-08-23 21:42:48
4.7 101km ESE of Iquique, Chile 2015-08-23 20:18:43
5.5 31km NNW of La Serena, Chile 2015-08-23 18:10:03

Some might say that is a list with one big earthquake at the bottom. . . followed by just a lot of aftershocks. Got to remember there is always the chance that it is the Pacific Tectonic Plate moving and there could be a big one coming for Santiago!!! Keep Watching there especially with the full moon this weekend!!!

Today will be Day 26 after the landfall of Super Typhoon Soudelor at Taiwan and my sheet says those gusts where at 225 mph so we know we are watching Russia and Santiago along with Pacific Islands for HUGE Earthquake and possible Tsunami's!!!!! And Keep watching Caribbean! EQ Guy

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Video Log For August 24, 2015 With Some Summer of 2015 Fun, Too!!!!! CLICK Arrow:

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5.5 Richters Earthquake Strikes Near Santiago, Chile!!!!! ALSO: 4.9 Richters Martinique!!! There Was Also a 5.0 Richters Nepal Earthquake As Nepal Opens Mt. Everest To Climbers Again

5.5 Richters Earthquake struck near Santiago, Chile around 6pm Central Time on Sunday or 8:10pm in Santiago! You can see the felt report right now at Earthquake Central, although might need updating sometime on Monday: AND if you have been following my Earthquake Writings or "Earthquake Minute" very closely. . . then you already know I've been talking about Santiago, Chile for quite some time and that full moon window coming up this weekend will now happen on Day 24, 25, and 26 and all very bad day numbers for all the Major Earthquake Energy headed there. Could still be that 7.9 Richters and possible Tsunami, too!!!

Did I say Martinique, too!? Well, here's the other top story for todays EQ Blog!!! Wouldn't you just know Martinique had a 4.9 Richters Earthquake on Saturday!!! Inquiring minds might already know that only leaves Russia!!! Here's the USGS Report followed by the felt report for Martinique where they might ALSO need to keep watching for a bigger one, yet!!!

4.9 - 69km ESE of Le Vauclin, Martinique, Time: 2015-08-22 13:03:10 (UTC), 2015-08-22 08:03:10 Central Time. Nearby Cities: 46 Miles East of Riviere-Pilote, Martinique, 48 Miles ESE of Le Francois, Martinique, 59 Miles ESE of Fort-de-France, Martinique. Here's The Felt Report with Barbados just added in update:

Le Marin, Le Marin, Martinique.............1....103
Le François, Le Marin, Martinique..........2....107
Le Robert, La Trinité, Martinique..........1....112
Le Lamentin, Fort-de-France, Martinique....1....115
Choiseul, Choiseul, Saint Lucia............1....135
Bulkeley, Saint George, Barbados...........1....175

There has also been quite a lot of shaking around California including a 3.7 Mammoth Lakes Downgraded From a 4.0!!! AND my phone also rang at some point in the day on Sunday with another, let me check! 3.9 Geysers up there around Northern California of just a little North of Santa Rosa where they had 8 felt reports from that town along with several other towns in that region reporting in and 2 felt reports from San Francisco. Looks like there was also two others in Chile inside that same several hour period which is at least partly right now as I'm writing this. Since around 5 or 6 Central Time on Sunday there has also been a 4.9 and 4.7 Richters in addition to the 5.5 Richters Santiago Earthquake. Times on all 3 were 4.9 at 5:57pm, 5.5 at 8:10pm, and 4.7 at 8:43pm all times local Chile Time. . . Also, for your information Chile Time is ONE-HOUR ahead of our Eastern Time and TWO-HOURS ahead of our Central Time. Remember we're watching there for 7.9 Richters and they are known for getting earthquakes that big and tsunami's, too!!!

There was also a 5.0 Richters Nepal Earthquake and a quick check for any damage and I came up with the fact that Nepal is currently in the process of opening up Mt. Everest to climbers once again for the first time since their big earthquake there on April 25, 2015.

Be watching for those Major Earthquakes and possible tsunami around Santiago, Chile and the Pacific Islands and a big one in Russia yet, too!!! EQ Guy

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hurricane Danny Now a Category 3 in Atlantic!!! ALSO: This Weeks "Earthquake Minute" Went Very Well, Too!!! UPDATE: 4.9 Martinique!!!

UPDATE: Early Saturday there was a 4.9 Richters Earthquake at Martinique and that could be a foreshock for that 7 we're watching for and that was also the island with that volcano that killed all 30,000. . . except that prisoner who was in Solitaire as heard on last weeks "Earthquake Minute"! Watch Caribbean for MORE!!! Thrre was also a 3.7 Mammoth Lakes, California! Now Todays EQ Blog:

Looks like the real bad news today could be the latest forecast for now Category 2 Hurricane Danny and it is looking like they are forecasting it to travel safely in between the far Southern tip of Florida. . . and directly into probably the Gulf of Mexico and possibly a landfall at Texas!!! Here's a pic of that Spaghetti from NOAA:
OF COURSE the next thing they did was UPGRADED Danny to a CAT-3. . . . . only to apparently downgrade it now to a CAT-2 if you can possibly believe all of the different sources for that type of information! Big Windstorm just the same and clearly headed directly for some of the more heavilly populated regions around Florida and Gulf of Mexico!!!

Fridays "Earthquake Minute" went real well and here is a link to the transcript for you to view it for yourself at EQ Blog-3: As of this writing I have not yet obtained all the correct permissions to replay the actual version heard on the radio, but Thank-You for Listening live if you were there online to hear the show Friday! Don't forget you can always cruise over to the station website and hear The Real Jaguar's Friday show with "Earthquake Minute" in about the last 10 minutes or so of the show at the Archives@ AND That link goes directly to the archives section THEREFORE it will not be updated at this blog and you will need to scroll all the way down to August 21 and find "Who Cooks For You" and CLICK Play. You can advance the player to the final half-hour if you wish, and Fridays show will only be posted about two weeks. Thereafter all of this section of todays EQ Blog will be more or less useless. . . except for a lot of the remainder of the year 2015 the show will probably still come up on there somewhere and you may still find ME!!!

Well, this just in!!! Looks like there will be a Full Moon coming!!! Just now saw the moon high overhead driving home from Lake Geneva tonight and so I thought I should look and check! Found it will be full next Saturday Night! Full Moon Window will start next Friday, August 29th at 1:38pm Central Time, 11:38am Pacific. There will be a lot of shaking going on next week if not sooner!!! Meanwhile watch Santiago, Chile, and Pacific Islands for that 7.9 with a tsunami and all the other places that we've been watching!!! I'll be back on Monday with updates on all the big windstorms currently circling the globe and sooner if anything major shakes!!! EQ Guy

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Friday, August 21, 2015

2.1 Richters Strikes 10 Miles South of Rancho Palos Verdes Near Los Angeles!!! T.S. Danny NOW Hurricane Danny In The Atlantic!!!

At first it looked like a very bad earthquake because the big red dot from the list of latest earthquakes just about covered the whole city of Los Angeles when I had the whole pic zoomed-out, of course as you zoom-out the dot fortunately moved to a position just offshore there and 10 miles offshore according to the list. Here is the felt report from just a few Southern California places:

Torrance, CA 90503 United States of America.....1.....27
Los Angeles, CA 90024 United States of America..1.....50
Los Osos, CA 93402 United States of America.....1....289
Santa Cruz, CA 95062 United States of America...1....494

In a search for the felt report from that 2005 Earthquake in Islamabad, I discovered that the epicenter was actually only 65 Miles North of Islamabad and in retrospect therefore I've been considering this a 90 mile difference and only just this moment can now say I was within 65 miles of the epicenter on that one! Here is the USGS Page on that 7.6 Richters Earthquake that followed the landfall of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 @

In the event that "Earthquake Minute" happens to air today Friday, here is a link where you can tune in directly to the station between 4:15, and 4:30pm Central Time! @ AND Thank-You for Listening!!!

There will now be two Major Typhoons in addition to the fact that Tropical Storm Danny was upgraded to Hurricane Danny! The most worrisome of the typhoons is Typhoon Goni headed for the South of Japan early this week and looking exactly like the other big hurricanes that have preceded Major California Earthquakes in the past! Meanwhile keep watching Santiago, Chile as well as a lot of other places such as Russia, and the Pacific Islands for 7.9 Richters Earthquakes and possibly even a tsunami out there in the midst of those Pacific Islands!!! EQ Guy

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

3.8 Richters 10 Miles South of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba!!!!! Typoons and Hurricanes Heading For Bad Landfalls Will Mean Some Bad Earthquakes, Too!!!!!

The name we will be watching for that I mentioned in yesterdays EQ Blog will be Typhoon Goni, and the latest forecast as of this writing is that it WILL STRIKE just as we had hoped it would NOT!!! Here's a recent illustration of that projected landfall at South of Japan:

So, the other big windstorm we'll be watching could very soon be compared to Hurricane Katrina due to now looking like Tropical Storm Danny could very soon become Hurricane Danny and is starting to look like it might also travel along sort of the same path as Hurricane Katrina did in 2005!!!

Not sure if the 3.8 Richters Guantanamo Bay Earthquake could be directly connected to all that wind now circulating out there in the Atlantic, but it is surely related to the Major Alert we're watching for in the Caribbean!!! Further, this epicenter listed in the USGS Report was also 143 Miles North of Kingston, Jamaica and that is one place that is way overdue for a Major Shaker! In fact Kingston is actually built on the exact location of a once major city that was destroyed by a big earthquake! Looks like that was in 1692 and here's a great story all about that at Wikipedia@ Bad news is that BOTH Kingston and Guantanamo Bay are situated directly ON fault lines so if there is going to be too much Major Shaking. . .one or both of those places could get Major Earthquakes I suppose! Here's the felt report from todays Guantanamo Shaker:

Guantánamo, Guantánamo, Cuba........1.....66

Let us try to change the subject away from a Giant Tsunami striking Guantanamo and talk about something completely different here,shall we! The big earthquake news that's been showing up everywhere today is this here vid with the news guy who was On-Camera as the recent Oakland/San Francisco 4.0 Struck!!! CLICK Arrow:

Other Earthquake News includes a 3.6 Richters that struck West of Omaha, Nebraska early on Wednesday Morning, here's that felt report with both Lincoln and Omaha there:
Halsey, NE 69142 United States of America......1......15
Dunning, NE 68833 United States of America.....1......16
Thedford, NE 69166 United States of America....1......30
Brewster, NE 68821 United States of America....2......40
Anselmo, NE 68813 United States of America.....1......41
Tryon, NE 69167 United States of America.......1......71
Oconto, NE 68860 United States of America......1......86
Lincoln, NE 68508 United States of America.....1.....315
Omaha, NE 68134 United States of America.......1.....354

I even already had a guy write me saying how unusual such a Nebraska Earthquake was there! Attention guy who wrote me, ALL that fracking albeit just to the south and maybe a little East of the Nebraska Epicenter could very well be related due to just the fact that all the fracking/shaking is certainly going to loosen up the ground for many miles around and is even looking like its a factor in a lot of the California Earthqukaes these days, too!!! Thank-You for writing me, Dude!!!
There was also a 4.8 Richters near British Virgin Islands and a 1.8 Offshore Near Malibu, too! Keep watching all those areas for Major Earthquakes as well as Russia, Far East China, and Santiago!!! EQ Guy

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tropical Storm Danny Just Formed In Atlantic And Has Been Given a Name!!!!! Will This Become Major Hurricane Danny?

I was just telling somebody not all that long ago that occasionally when we're watching a given region for a Major Earthquake, that it just so happens instead of a big earthquake showing up instead I'll have a Major Hurricane or Typhoon there instead! Up to this point I am pretty much only sure that I know I've seen it happen a few times, not that I have any real idea how this might be happening. If the two are related, then my number one reason that I suspect it could be possible is all the energy that supposedly traveled in this case over the North Pole and all the way down through the North Atlantic to the Caribbean.

Right now as I'm writing this Hurricane Danny has just now developed along the very line I'm talking about here! If you follow my blog close enough to know we've been watching Caribbean, then you already know there is supposed to be a Major Earthquake there somewhere at any moment. . . and NOW it looks like it might be a Major Hurricane instead! With August 20, 2015 being Day 33 this one could happen there at any moment! And what do you make of this new Hurricane or probably still Tropical Storm Danny just so happening to be there at the same exact time! Coincidence? Same type of energy resulting instead in a huge windstorm? Don't exactly know at this point, but do know it is not the first time I've seen this! Have to watch to see just how big this windstorm will turn out to be, but if it is in fact a footprint of all the earthquake energy we've been watching for around the Caribbean, it SHOULD be a big Hurricane, too!!! Be Watching Danny there!

There is also a typhoon traveling along a route that could spell real trouble for California if it continues on and turns. . . then makes landfall at the south of Japan! THAT could possibly be the next Major California Earthquake!!! I might say it is getting just a little bit overdue, too, as far as I haven't actually had or been following anything too major for California too recently and that there landfall will certainly do all that!

Continue to be watching Russia/Santiago/Pacific Islands for 7.9 and East Coast/Caribbean/Far East Russia and China for 7 Richters and as promised I will have all those details in tomorrows EQ Blog! I know I said that yesterday and this is today. . . but I worked real late on Tuesday Night so I'll get those dates and times as soon as I can until then be watching those places for 7 and 7.9 Richters because there are still at least those two Major Earthquakes coming, yet! EQ Guy

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

4.0 Richters San Francisco Earthquake!!! HUGE Felt Report!!! New EQ Alert For Frisco and California!!!???

That alert for California will END on August 22 with no more chance of being continued as of this writing, because I was even wondering myself what all the shaking is all about! There may be new additional alerts that could come to cover California, and as we all very well know California IS right there on that shaky, shaky tectonic plate boundary so there is ALWAYS a chance something big could happen! While there do still remain TWO other Major Alerts the 7.0 and 7.9 for Caribbean and Santiago respectively it does not appear either of these should send their full force directly to California or our West Coast and therefore I may not add any alerts, but there is all that new Earthquake Energy just saying. Could have something to do with all the shaking, but hopefully California and West Coast won't be directly affected by those big current alerts!

Felt Report from 4.0 San Francisco Earthquake of 8:47am Central Time is now posted for you to check it out at Earthquake Central:

As of this writing, although I'm not exactly too sure how official this next story is, it now looks like there could be something serious going on around San Francisco due to this here story I just got a copy of sent to me!!! Here's the story about chance for something Major to shake Frisco, soon!!!? @

Watching East Coast and Caribbean for 7 Richters, and Russia/Santiago/Pacific Islands for 7.9 Richters and that could be a tsunami for some of those regions, too!!! And it looks like we'll be watching California for something. . . but I'll see what I can find and get back to you with it in tomorrows EQ Blog! EQ Guy

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