Saturday, December 20, 2014

9 Richters Heading Towards Sumatra As 10 Year Anniversary Gets Closer!!!!! December New Moon Window Starts At 7:36 PM Saturday Night!!!

It is getting ever closer to that Monumentous Anniversary of 10 Years since the Great Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami and there is so much similar earthquake activity presently going on over there that it is looking like it could shake big time at any moment! You might consider this to be that Official Prediction that I've been talking about filing in anticipation of this potentially upcoming duplicate to the December 26, 2004 9.3 Richters Earthquake that also produced the tsunami as well as 14 Billion Dollars damage and 230,000 deaths!!! Especially be watching over this weekend with the December New Moon Window beginning at 7:36pm Saturday Night, the exact moment of the New Moon same time Sunday Night and window running through Monday!!! Actually the 2004 Sumatra Earthquake struck during the December 2004 Full Moon Window, too!!! Exact Moment of 2004 New Moon was Dec 26, 2004 at 9:07am Central Time and Exact Moment of that earthquake was December 25, 2004 at 6:58pm, or 14 hours, 9 minutes before that exact moment in 2004 and well within todays "Full-New Moon Window"

Today I'm talking about a 5.3 Richters that struck early on Friday and you might remember my discussion about the Great Nicobar Island? Well, this 5.3 struck something like 100 or 150 miles to the east of that island and almost directly between Great Nicobar Island and the mainland just to the north of Banda Aceh. We know for sure this Major Earthquake Energy is connected to all the other earthquake energy going on in that region and also including a lot of earthquakes striking all around the Sunda Tectonic Plate, too! Also probably connected to, although mainly the result of my own opinion you know, connected to the landfall of Super Typhoon Hagupit at Philippines with the new info in the form of that pic I posted in yesterdays EQ Blog. See either by scrolling down to the next blog entry, or CLICK: There was also a 4.5 that struck 157 miles Northwest of Banda Aceh, and a 4.6 Ethiopia. . . both coincidentally along the straight line that goes directly across the Indian Ocean Tectonic Plate if that were to be the route this earthquake energy were to travel. Usually when contacting that plate that will not be the way this one will travel and so as a result it could simply mean the plate is pushing and when figured in with the shakers at Great Nicobar Island might indicate the big one is coming!!!

IS there another 9 Richters Major Earthquake about to strike somewhere around that region? Are all of these smaller 4 and 5 Richters Earthquakes even capable of being the foreshocks of another Major Earthquake as big as 9 Richters that produces any tsunami at all. . . let alone one worth preparing for? And how could a 9 Richters Earthquake be hiding over there in that region with only these few 4 and 5 Richters foreshocks to show for it?????

Thaat there have been such Major Earthquakes that have been said NOT to have been preceded by any such foreshocks just might be the answer. Then again, the 2004 Sumatra Earthquake was preceded by an 8.1 Richters Earthquake at Macquarie Island, South of Australia, on like the day before. Turned out this DID indicate the exact movement of the Indian Ocean Tectonic Plate that I had discussed in the hours prior to that earthquake in my now famous "Big EQ Alert"!!! So, be watching the Indian Ocean for 9 Richters and a possible tsunami, as well as San Francisco for that entirely separate alert from the Frisco Pineapple Express with the 130 mph winds, too!!! LOTS of Major Earthquakes that MIGHT be out there so be prepared!!!

Thank-You to all the folks in all of these countries for reading my EQ Blog on a regular basis!!!!! All of these countries have been showing up recently on my "Performance Page": United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Russia, Romania, Italy, Malaysia, Guam, Philippines, New Zealand, Netherlands, Kenya, Nepal, Indonesia, India, Canada, and Australia!!! Thank-You Everybody All Around The World For Reading and God Bless All Of You!!! Sincerely, The EQ Alert Guy

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Friday, December 19, 2014

5.0 Kathmandu, Nepal, And 5.5 Offshore Japan!!! Could Japan Or Napal Have MegaThrusters Coming!!! ALSO: New Image Of Hagupit Raise Earthquake-Tsunami Alert To 9!!!

Aside from the fact that it is also possible these two Nepal and Japan Earthquakes are connected somehow my point here is probably that they are most notably two places that are situated right exactly on the tectonic plate boundaries that will probably be most affected by all of the upcoming Major Earthquake Energy created by that Major Landfall of Super Typhoon Hagupit at Philippines!!! Here is a newly discovered pic of that huge windstorm just prior to that landfall on December 7 their time:

Now the main reason that I am including this pic right here and now in todays EQ Blog is due to the fact that it truly looks like the "Buzz Saw" that I was most concerned about as I watched this big windstorm in the later hours and obviously after this pic. Because later the eye had become covered up and the outer bands became a whole lot less animated and more like just another big windstorm! However enter this here pic, and it now looks like a lot of that downgrading could have been due to those outer bands that you can clearly see in the above pic, making contact with LAND!!! Watch for this earthquake to now be BIG!!!

Might now find it necessary to raise the highest magnitude on this upcoming Major Earthquake to 9 or even higher. Could also now mean a serious Earthquake-Tsunami Alert for Sumatra, Grand Nicobar Island, and possibly Japan with larger alerts also necessary for Nepal, Afghanistan, Turkey, and etc. up in those regions, too! And this will include Peru and whomever else is situated in the immediate region around Lima. . . possibly increasing the seriousness of the alert for California and West Coast, too! Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

5.2 Sinabang, And 5.6 Bengkulu, Indonesia, Also A 4.8 Jiquilillo, Nicaragua! San Francisco Earthquake Could Be 5.7 To 7.0 Richters!!!

There was also an earthquake worth mentioning in Nicaragua and even though Nicaragua is not exactly along the line or any lines that we are currently looking for and watching, did strike 84 miles west of Managua, Nicaragua where they do get a Major Earthquake from time to time. While there is other earthquake energy around the region, this is most likely the Pacific Tectonic Plate setting up for a Major Earthquake probably around Peru, and the north of Lima, Peru. Just noticed December 17 was Day 10 and as the December New Moon approaches ever closer, too like it will be Sunday Night at 7:36 pm Central Time with that New Moon Window beginning early Saturday.

On another almost completely different subject, now, although still along the lines of earthquakes there were two more of those noticeable twins that struck in recent hours and those being a 4.2 Argentina, and a 4.3 Afghanistan and here are both of those again exactly as I first spotted them:

4.3 40km SSE of Jarm, Afghanistan 2014-12-17 20:55:20
4.2 73km W of Abra Pampa, Argentina 2014-12-17 20:12:49

This because again it almost looks like the same earthquake they are happening so close to each other albeit thousands of miles apart. In this case today Argentina and Afghanistan are both situated along the route of all of this Major Tectonic Plate Movement where the region out in front of the landfall of Typhoon Hagupit strikes the Indian Ocean Tectonic Plate and could indeed move in the direction of Afghanistan which I clearly recall discussing in an earlier blog and Argentina is over there just beyond Lima, Peru and I suppose you might say is also directly in line of this same earthquake energy. Although I do not usually consider places over those mountains to be so much of a problem due to the much more shaky Pacific Coast being the usual epicenter when amounts of Earthquake Energy this large are heading in their direction.

Finally, today I have run all the numbers in the wake of the landfall at San Francisco of that Major Pineapple Express or big giant windstorm of December 11, 2014 and have now discovered that December 18 is Day 7, so with all of that going on right there around San Francisco it is probably time to start watching there closely and see exactly where this one will strike. As far as I know I have not yet selected a magnitude so let us do that right now! Let's assume the reports of 100 mph were an actual windspeed and not a gust, while the gusts were as high as 135 for starters and higher. In the past I have been known to say I start my alerts at 100 mph, but on this occasion it looks like the gusts were so much higher than that, we will go with about another 6.0 like that recent Napa, California Earthquake was. Range 5.7 to 7.0 in the event that winds struck for a more prolonged period than just an hour or two, in which case it could bring about MORE Major Movement of California!!! So, Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

4.6 San Antonio de los Cobres, Argentina AND 4.8 Indonesia. . . ARE These Connected?

Might not sound like much in the way of Earthquake Energy or Earthquake Activity, but as I was about to post the one earthquake. . . when I went back to the list of latest earthquakes to locate that Indonesia Earthquake I just happened to glance at the times, after noticing they were listed as consecutive earthquakes! THAT was when I noticed it and I want to post the listing as it appeared right here:

4.5 51km NW of Lae, Papua New Guinea 2014-12-16 21:09:48
4.8 101km SW of Ogotua, Indonesia 2014-12-16 20:19:26
4.6 85km W of San Antonio de los Cobres, Argentina 12-16 19:54:00

I added that Papua New Guinea one to the top of this list and removed a few Geysers, California Earthquakes, although it did seem there might have been somewhat of a connection between those bigger earthquakes and the smaller ones there that shook in between. I do know that I went back and totaled up all the recent Geysers, California Earthquakes and now notice there have been 25 small earthquakes up there in that region just to the north of San Francisco where they also recently had those 135 mph gusts of wind! Might be something going on around San Francisco although I can not say that would become the epicenter if and when this possible shaker should occur.

Upon closer look, I went ahead and figured out all the times in Central Time for the above earthquakes and came up with 7:54pm Argentina, and 8:19pm Indonesia and BOTH situated exactly along that line we are watching and with all the ones I mentioned above happening in the middle, there! Therefore we now pretty much know we must continue watching for something major to shake both of those places! Looks like they could be shaking back and forth like a 20 foot long 2 x 4 being hit on either end and causing the other to shake!!! This goes in line sort of with what my theory is about how these work and why they are correlated! That's what I call my "Precision Plate Tectonics", too! So Keep watching especially along these lines and Be Prepared California, San Francisco, and West Coast!!! EQ Guy

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

4.5 And 4.3 Peru!!! Straight Line Goes Directly Through PERU!!! Also Total Of 7 Earthquakes Strike Utah!!! MORE Coming!!!

Those two that struck at Peru could be indicating that earthquake energy is crossing right on time and that there could be this major shaker at or near Lima, Peru which both of these were sort of near, say 3 or 400 Miles away respectively, and can't say they were felt there being smaller ones you know. I suppose it is possible a much bigger earthquake will now follow and these two might have been the affect of the Pacific Tectonic Plate pushing directly against Peru!!! And surely meaning a bigger one could strike there in the coming days. New Moon this weekend so all week and through the weekend for Peru, especially!!!

There are other places that are also in line for some of that same tectonic plate movement and the most notable will be the Grand Nicobar Island or the Region of Andaman Sea all around the Banda Aceh and Phuket Region. Hopefully this upcoming major shaker which is now bearing down on that 10 Year Anniversary will not be too big and hopefully it will not be one of those really big tsunami's, too, but Major Earthquake just the same is headed in that direction right this minute and the straight line goes directly through it! Will this end up being a "Broad Line"? Because a Broad Line will then include a lot more of Sumatra as well as all of the Andaman Islands or the exact epicenter and places where all the shaking took place as a result of the 2004 Sumatra Earthquake! Could there be a repeat as the final days tic away and that anniversary approaches?

I have actually even looked into flights to Port Blair located out there on one of those islands and found plenty of hotels, but with a lot of problems having to change planes a lot of times and direct flights from Chicago only taking me as far as New Delhi. . . just a long, long way from my destination there of Port Blair and just a little too complex for me to be able to count on changing planes at New Delhi onto one that takes me to Mumbai or Calcutta? Then, if all those plane changes just happened to all go ok. . . then my plane to Port Blair and this was just all too much for some sun in the sand and a possible 8 Magnitude Earthquake and maybe a 10 or 20 Foot Tsunami. Thought I might find something direct from Chicago to a much closer destination, but once I found the Port Blair location, it just seemed right. Still possible I could figure something out although I do not know if I can just waltz in there with my new "Passport Card" and be welcomed!!!

Not sure what is up with all those earthquakes striking Utah? Happened to see Utah, Utah, Utah, and then started to wonder how many times Utah had been shaking and so I zoomed-in and discovered they had MANY Earthquakes and proceed to count them! Possibly even more of them by the time you are reading this and with lots of brand new additional earthquake energy from the Frisco Pineapple Express. . . Utah could actually get a lot more, but I suppose the chance is out there that they could be the epicenter!!! But, Utah at like 7 Richters?

Now, watch all of those places, because these are probably two different alerts and Peru, Sumatra, and also Utah are not the same alert and could ALL get Major Earthquakes in the coming hours and days!!! I'm actively watching very closely for a Major Earthquake, so be prepared!!!!! EQ Guy

You Can Still See That Great Video Log about possible Major Sumatra Earthquake on the 10th Anniversary of the 2004 Earthquake-Tsunami@

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Monday, December 15, 2014

3.6 Richters San Joaquin, 5 Earthquakes At New Madrid, 11 At Oklahoma!!! Something Is SHAKING!!! Watch California And Sumatra Region!!!

That San Joaquin Earthquake rang my phone just now as I was writing!!! Check Out New EQ Video Log about 10th Anniversary of Sumatra and possibility of another one!!! CLICK Arrow:
SEE At YouTube:

As the time to write this blog arrived, I took a quick check of all the latest earthquakes and discovered the New Madrid Region had a whole pile of yellow dots emarkating their location in the middle of the country and so I took a closer look. Pretty much all the immediate area around New Madrid and including names such as Caruthersville, Lilbourn, and Tiptonville. . . all names of places where I've been myself to check out all the action that the New Madrid Region is famous for and today, all places where small earthquakes are striking!!!

Could also have something to do with all the earthquakes they are also getting in Oklahoma now! Of course you could say they always get a lot of earthquakes there now days, but it seems to me that on the occasions when they DO get them, it tends to always indicate something more is going on! That was the exact moment when my phone rang with that 3.6 at San Joaquin, California. . . not to be confused with San Joaquin County, California and many miles further south of the county that is up closer to Sacramento, while the town of San Joaquin is more near Coalinga. So this is also the region that just shook moments ago as I'm writing and felt reports will not be complete until later in the day on Monday.

Finally, I sort of looked at what could be going on that all this earthquake energy is striking Middle America and I now want to report to you that it is Day 7 after that landfall of Typhoon Hagupit which you will be hearing plenty more about since they are also getting shakers up and down the coast of Central America and South America and even got one near Easter Island which we were watching for. I'm guessing it is the movement of the Nazca Tectonic Plate and it shakes there anytime South America is about to get an earthquake! Also, watching for something as a result of what I'm calling the Frisco Pineapple Express Resultant with wind gusts reported at 135 Soda Springs, but I heard an even bigger number and didn't get all that information. . . like a 145 mph gust? Also reports of heavy snow in the Sierra Mountians which also preceded the Northridge Earthquake!!!

Keep Watching for more earthquakes around California and there could also be a Major Earthquake-Tsunami heading for the shaky Sumatra Region!!! EQ Guy

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

10 Year Anniversary Of 2004 Sumatra Earthquake And Tsunami Coming December 26, 2014!!! Is Another Earthquake Tsunami Coming, Too? And 130 Mph Gusts At California!!! Big One???

UPDATE: Looks like I might be doing my Radio Show in Milwaukee Sunday Night!!! So, here is a link to my best vids and newspaper stories about me, and etc. And Thank-You for stopping by and checking out my EQ Blog!!!!! @ NOW Saturdays EQ Blog:

I could hardly believe it when I just happened to see one of the dates in the course of my research and then it occurred to me that as we are watching for a possible Earthquake Tsunami Event to strike out there in that shaky, shaky Andaman-Nicobar Islands Region. . . that the date of the big one was December 26, 2014, AND that happens to be going on TEN YEARS!!! Yes, it will actually be the 10 Year Anniversary right in the middle of this present alert.

Check Out This Weeks EQ Podcast with the rest of the story!!! CLICK Arrow:

That particular version of this weeks Podcast was recorded during the video production out on location during the day on Friday. Sorry if you can hear the waterfall in the background all throughout this Podcast and the vid will be posted at some point over this weekend that is unless something major shakes like early on Saturday or something. If not, then you may get to see the vid that goes along with the soundtrack above and some great Wisconsin Mountain scenery, too!!!

Just heard that there had been wind gusts at California as high as 130 Miles Per Hour and will now have to report that there might also be enormous amounts of snow piling up in the Sierra Mountains as I am writing this and that could also contribute to even more potential earthquake energy for California, too.

Finally in the course of Fridays travels it also occurred to me that the movement of the Indian Ocean Tectonic Plate COULD include movement at the top of that plate including places such as Sichuan, China, Nepal, and Bangladesh with further movement pushing over into areas such as Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, and the Caspian Sea Region to name a few and I would need to re-check those regions for names of more possible names up in that there region, maybe Turkey, too. Lots of alerts and possible BIG Earthquake Tsunami as 10 Year Anniversary of Great Sumatra approaches and 130 mph gusts strike California!!! California could shake very soon, too!!! Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Next Major Sumatra Earthquake Heading For Great Nicobar Island at 6.6 To 8.0 Richters?

I know that was a question that I started out the headline in todays EQ blog with, although I had originally wanted to put my usual three exclamation marks there, it just happens to still be more of a question and let me explain why. Having now as promised gone all through the information related to landfall of Typhoon Hagupit and tracked the forward potential earthquake energy about as far forward and as accurately as I can the line comes out directly at The Grand Nicobar Island just to the north about 150 miles above Banda Aceh at the Northern most tip of the island of Sumatra. Now I am not exactly sure where the tectonic plate boundary will be actuated along this region and I also noticed the name Sunda Plate written on one of the maps I was consulting, too, so there could possibly be a small amount of interference there with that due to a Sunda Plate also needing to move in concert with this theory.

I also found Little Nicobar Island along the "Broad Line" where the exact straight line itself might not have actually intersected the Little Nicobar Island, but if you consider a line maybe fifty or more miles wide it could include some other spots such as Little Nicobar and Car Nicobar. This line also crossed directly through Malaysia and it could be possible that they could get some shaking or while I'm not sure the number of earthquakes they get at Sri Lanka, that island is along the line, too. Ultimately the line could also intersect Narobi, and Lake Tanganyika in Africa down the road but these do not commonly cross the Indian Ocean Tectonic Plate in that manner, just that it is possible.

Watch for Easter Island to show up in the list of latest earthquakes because they commonly shake prior to Peru getting Major Earthquakes and I'm not sure if the direction this possible earthquake is coming from will affect Easter Island, but it is heading directly for Lima, Peru, too!!! And we should probably note that the range I have been giving of 6.6 to 8.0 just might go bigger than 8.0 and maybe possibly like as high as 8.3 or 8.5 if it hits one of those regions that might be way overdue for a way bigger earthquake you know!!! Although that said, we might leave that range and just beware of even bigger earthquakes for some of those places.

There are also some offshore islands around Mexico and Central America that could experience early signs that a Major Earthquake is heading for either Peru, or West Coast so be watching for signs of tectonic plate movement, because these earthquakes tend to all begin shaking at once and the Major Shaking can go on for several days with people saying things like, "All the sudden there are all these earthquakes happening!!!" Be Watching and Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

6.1 Taiwan And 5.0 Philippines!!! ALSO: 5.1 Micronesia!!! Be Prepared For 6.6 To 8.0 Magnitude Earthquake!!!

I noticed right away at the beginning of the week that the Oklahoma Swarm had dramatically heated up to like the most earthquakes of about the biggest magnitude in quite some time! Now on Wednesday it looks like the North of Reno Swarm is beginning to really shake anew as well, and here is that brand new list with links to all the previous earthquakes at the shaky North of Reno Epicenter location:

There were several felt reports from Taiwan on that 6.1, but most notably one from Taipai:
CITY: Taipei, STATE: Taipei Hsien, COUNTRY: Taiwan, # 1, Miles: 280 km

Haven't exactly watched this region so much over the past several weeks as much as I've been watching it just the last day or so due to that landfall on Saturday of Typhoon Hagupit at Philippines. Now there are starting to be earthquakes that are notable all around this location and even before I could mention Micronesia in a blog. . . they have now had a 5.1 although I did mention Wake Island because I clearly recall saying Wake Island in the wake of that landfall. Also watch another island along the path named Kiribati because I also noticed in a re-checking that island name. . . then it's on to Peru where I am very, very sorry to be breaking the news of a possible Major Earthquake ahead of time, but they will be next after Kiribati. Just that it could still be a few days and I will have all the day numbers ready for you all very soon, too.

Now the direction the storm was pushing at that landfall indicates the bulk of the earthquake energy should strike the Andaman and Nicobar Islands region of Sumatra, Indonesia in the coming days, too, although I'm not exactly sure if the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are actually a part of Indonesia, or part of one of those other countries in that region and am sorry I do not know my exact geography. I will check that one out, too.

I'm putting the magnitude for Indonesia at 6.6 to 8.1 Richters, but the magnitude range probably will not be exactly the same for the other locations due to Indonesia being quite a lot more shaky if you know what I mean. So, it is probably not likely Peru could go as high as 8.1 Richters even though I gave it some thought and determined they probably have been known to get earthquakes of 8 Magnitude, this source is only at about 75 Percent of the biggest ones if that, and seventy-five percent of 8 Magnitude is 6, so maybe 6 or 7 Magnitude for Peru and let's go with that range for California and our West Coast, too. Be Prepared because an earthquake of this magnitude will be striking in the coming hours and days!!! EQ Guy

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Great Sumatra Earthquake Of 2004 Was Preceded By Similar Super Typhoon At Philippines!!!

Today I want to tell you about the landfall of Super Typhoon Nanmadol at Philippines in the year 2004. At the time the biggest and baddest Huge Windstorm of all time and I seem to recall it having done the most damage of any typhoon to strike the region ever. Having just gone back to read a little bit about it, I can also tell you it was also the only typhoon ever to turn north in December after hitting Philippines and then striking Tiawan, too. Here is the Wikipedia story about Typhoon Nanmadol 2004:

How this story ends is when a whole lot of Major Earthquakes begin showing up at all the different places along the straight line path from the original landfall at Taiwan and eventually lead to me needing to write out and send my now famous "Big EQ Alert" which came to preceed the Great 2004 Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami. The final earthquake in the sequence that led me to write Big EQ Alert was the 8.1 Richters Macquarie Island Earthquake that struck at the bottom of the Indio/Australian Tectonic Plate and I theorized it was a slip-fault and meant a Major Earthquake and Tsunami around the Java Ridge. I edited out the word tsunami from that writing due to space considerations, though.

Does not look like quite the same caliber of windstorm we are looking at today with Hagupit. Hagupit is no Super Typhoon Nanmadol and it was like 23 days after the landfall of Nanmadol on December 3, 2004 that the Sumatra Earthquake struck on December 26, 2004, so we could need to watch well into December for the Major Earthquake resultant that should follow this weekends landfall of Typhoon Hagupit.

So watch Sumatra, Peru, and possibly our West Coast and California for Major Earthquakes and I will have more exact information as this upcoming potential Major Earthquake approaches and I have more time to do research along these lines. There is also a great vid at my You Tube that you may go there and check out, but I will have a link to it later in the week, too!

Be Watching and Be Prepared!!! There could be another Sumatra 2004 Earthquake and Tsunami out there headed for somebody, somewhere!!! EQ Guy

SEE This Weeks EQ Video Log At YouTube@

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

New EQ Alert For Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia, And Peru At 6.6 To 8.0 Richters

First, Here's This Weeks New V-Log With The Landfall of Typhoon Hagupit And New Alert For Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia, Peru At 6.6 To 8.0 Richters!!! CLICK Arrow: SEE The Vid At YouTube@

Thank-You for stopping by today and reading my latest EQ Blog because I now have a lot of new information that is going to be very important to a lot of these people in the coming days. I am aware that yesterdays EQ Blog did say there shouldn't be a big shaker in those moments immediately following that blog and that there was the 6.6 Panama already which is remarkable they are already getting movement of the Pacific Tectonic Plate so fast, but as a rule I do warn to watch immediately just that one sort of caught all of us off guard.

Obviously there was no other source of so much earthquake energy and with that one just having struck on Saturday, Day 2 will not be out of the question in the future joining one other similarly large earthquake generating source in the early number of days, or very early perhaps. Note that there was virtually NO other earthquake energy in this range with the most prominent having passed in early December and virtually having ran their course back in late November anyways.

One report that I located says, "Widespread destruction from strong winds flattened houses, toppled trees and power lines and caused landslides in some areas, according to local media." Without waiting around for a lot more info on the subject of landfall of once Super Typhoon Hagupit is now looking very much like a huge earthquake to come. Straight line unless it changes leads directly to that tip of the island of Sumatra where Banda Aceh is located although it generally means earthquakes in the Offshore Regions of that part of the world and hopefully could just shake with no tsunami and no damage or injuries there. The wake of the landfall at Philippines is Wake and Marshall Islands and Peru. While I observed the potential range of magnitude to be 6.6 to 8.0, I do not think the same numbers should apply to those South America regions due to the structure of the tectonic plates being significantly different from those situated out there in the middle of the Indian Ocean where they always seem to shake much more seriously. Peru might be looking at 6.0 to 7.3 Richters and hopefully far up into the unpopulated areas.

Then there's California and our West Coast! No indication that there should be any direct affects from the 130 mph winds having struck Philippines, but high winds are high winds and any such disturbance of the Pacific Tectonic Plate could at best rattle our West Coast so it might be a good time once again to talk earthquake preparation. Watch and see if those swarms that have been ongoing PICK-UP!!! And also watch now and notice they will come up with magnitudes that will now EXCEED the series of 4's we followed last week. . . with possible 5's now showing up and these will NOT be from fracking in Oklahoma, either! 5's will be coming from that HUGE WINDSTORM, yet another potential source for Major Earthquake Energy and possible earthquake for California! Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Landfall of Typhoon Hagupit Video Log With New Alert Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia, Peru At 6.6 To 8.0 Richters!!! CLICK Arrow:

SEE The Vid At YouTube@ Thank-You For Watching!!! EQ Guy

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6.8 Richters Strikes Near Papua New Guinea As 145 Mile Per Hour CAT-4 Typhoon Hagupit Makes Landfall At Philippines!!! LOOKS Like Banda Aceh And Peru Might Get Major Shakers Now!!! UPDATE: 6.6 Richters Panama!!!

UPDATE: 6.6 Richters Strikes Panama around 3am Central,1am Pacific, no reports of damage or injury. Probably connected to facts in todays EQ Blog, so please now continue to watch for shakers in that 6.6 to 7 Richters Range, possibly California! Here's Todays EQ Blog:

These both struck at basically the same time and while we were staring up at the December Full Moon high overhead, too! Not sure where exactly the position of the full moon was or might have been as all these other events took place on the other side of the earth from where I am writing this and most of you are reading. . . however do note that a number of my readers are situated over in that general region where all of this huge windstorm and Major Earthquake took place. Here is a pic that I just now took off the USGS Website:

If you look at the lower right hand corner you can see the actual STAR that was put there on the original print of this pic by the USGS to show the exact epicenter of the 6.8 Earthquake which looks like it was about 1500 Miles Southeast of the landfall of Typhoon Hagupit in the upper left hand corner. Time of the earthquake was 7:22pm Central Time, 5:22pm Pacific Time on Saturday December 6, 2014 while the exact moment of the full moon was 6:27am Central and 4:27am Pacific on that day also. You could also say that was the exact moment of landfall of Hagupit, too, but I seem to recall saying noon as I recorded the first film clip of that landfall. . . of course knowing landfall of such a major windstorm encompasses a much wider window than simply "Noon" and probably stretched well on through the moment of that 6.8 Earthquake and beyond in fact still churning around the Philippines as I am writing this.

Ok, now that we have established the fact that this Major Earthquake has just now struck not only 10 hours after exact moment of full moon, but almost AS the typhoon was making landfall. . . may I state that this earthquake energy was probably a sure sign that there will now be lots more earthquake energy all around the Pacific due to the amount indicated by the shaking at the same time as that landfall.

Looks like the brand new straight line of earthquake energy will be traveling directly through Banda Aceh, and Andaman/Nicobar Islands Region of Sumatra, Indonesia, as well as in the wake of the landfall Peru. Line will also be intersecting the Tanzania Region but on the other side of the Indio/Australian Tectonic Plate and this will most likely be absorbed by potential shaking around Sumatra and Indonesia without so much movement of that plate. There could also be some movement coming along the Tectonic Plate Boundary up into China. Note that the line also crosses places such as Marshall Islands, Wake Island, and Johnston Atoll just south of Hawaii, but I will have more advanced details of all this in coming blogs, too, and should NOT shake those islands today, yet.

Following up on a story from last week, I just found this abstract in the latest edition of Seismological Society Online about what the biggest Fracking Earthquake might possibly be for folks interested in a little reading on that subject @ Of course I have to add that since this guy probably did all his research and wrote that very excellent article, we have discovered somewhat larger correlations with that earthquake energy affecting other areas at a distance from the fracking zone and thus being responsible for virtually unlimited magnitudes. Great Story, though!!!

So, updates on where exactly the next Major Sumatra or Peru Earthquake will strike to come! I will try to have some exact spots listed for folks who want to know the names of towns like in Peru. This will require me to gather all the film clips and damage reports from Typhoon Hagupit, all of which are not all in as of this writing early Monday. For now watch Banda Aceh, Sumatra, and Peru those are the most likely places to be affected from this brand new Major Earthquake Alert!!! Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

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