Friday, January 30, 2015

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WAS That 5.7 Offshore Northern California Earthquake Due To Fracking In Oklahoma? WILL Next Cascadia Earthquake Be From Fracking, Too??? Earthquake Situation COULD Be Out Of Control!!!!!

New EQ Podcast: Cascadia Earthquake??? CLICK Arrow: NOW Todays EQ Blog:

Just prior to the posting of this EQ Blog concerning big new earthquakes a 2.8 struck near downtown Seattle with a huge felt report you can now see at Earthquake Central@ AND which is now making it look like we might not know what could happen next as far as earthquakes!!! Could Cascadia be next? Major Alaska Shaker? San Francisco???

This information just occurred to me in the hours after posting yesterdays EQ Blog and I have now had some more time to think about this so here it is, in my search for what all sources of Major Earthquake Energy continued around the world, I did not come up with a good source for the 5.7 that struck Offshore Eureka. Probably not the effect of any of the recent typhoons, but I had been watching Oklahoma as most of you can recall from reading it here. Most notably on Monday of this week there were like a dozen earthquakes there but probably most importantly might have been the fact that at least two of them were 4 Magnitude or higher. This magnitude of earthquake when they strike Oklahoma due to fracking there, usually causes earthquakes in California eventually and Yellowstone also had over a hundred earthquakes during the recent January New Moon so we continued to watch for more. 5.7 Richters Offshore Northern California was probably connected to all that, but most importantly probably due to fracking in Oklahoma as the result of that connection.

Although it sometimes may seem vague even to myself as I'm pouring over all the facts surrounding the fact that they're employing extremely high pressure water in the ground at Oklahoma and it seems to be pushing apart the bedrock at that point. . . and is it causing earthquakes in California? Did it cause or play a role in the Haiti Earthquake? Will it be a factor in the upcoming CASCADIA Earthquake that could flood our entire West Coast with a Cataclysmic Sized Tsunami (CST)?

Surprised to see this strange looking swarm striking 126 miles south of Salt Lake City in Utah! Here is the entire list of earthquakes from mostly the last 24 hours prior to this blog:

2.6 27km WSW of Ferron, Utah 2015-01-29 08:59:12
1.8 26km SW of Ferron, Utah 2015-01-29 08:13:42
1.5 26km WSW of Ferron, Utah 2015-01-29 07:56:51
2.3 27km WSW of Ferron, Utah 2015-01-29 07:32:33
1.6 27km WSW of Ferron, Utah 2015-01-29 07:17:47
1.5 26km WSW of Ferron, Utah 2015-01-29 07:11:05
2.0 26km WSW of Ferron, Utah 2015-01-29 07:05:07
1.8 28km WSW of Ferron, Utah 2015-01-29 06:54:59
2.6 27km WSW of Ferron, Utah 2015-01-29 06:46:51
1.8 26km WSW of Ferron, Utah 2015-01-29 06:19:11

So much earthquake stuff continues to shake as we get closer and closer to the Early February Full Moon and as the moon gets brighter and brighter in the sky. . . also always an indication! We must now watch and just have to expect the worst! Could be something major to strike very near our friends along the West Coast, Seattle, Alaska, or California including Frisco and L.A. at any moment, now!!! Be watching and Be Prepared for a Major Earthquake!!! EQ Guy

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

5.7 Richters Strikes Just Offshore From Eureka in Northern California and a 3.8 Strikes 86 Miles Northwest of London!!! UPDATE: 2.8 Strikes Near Downtown Seattle!!!

UPDATE: 2.8 Richters Earthquake otherwise might have gone unnoticed except it shook very near downtown Seattle today! Unbelievable felt report includes lots of major towns in immediate area, too!! SEE at Earthquake Central: NOW Todays EQ Blog:

Today there are far too many earthquakes for me to adequately be able to write about all of them and a lot of them could be considered to be significant, too. Including one very near the Ortega Highway in Southern California, but again since the new maps do not have a scale of miles I am not able to tell how many miles that might be from Ortega Highway. . . perhaps about half the length of that highway to the north at Trubuco Canyon. Some of the other minor ones were at Chester, California and Curran, Nevada. Here is the felt report from the 5.7 Richters Eureka Earthquake of 2 or 3 Wednesday Afternoon Central Time: There was also a 2.4 just 4 miles south of Carpenteria, California with 24 felt reports from that town along the Pacific Coast just east of Santa Barbara.

There was also a 3.6 Richters that struck over near London, England, AND although this info might also be posted at Earthquake Central, I decided to just post it here, so here is the felt report from 3.6 that struck 86 miles Northwest of London:

Oakham, England United Kingdom............10.....14
Wymondham, England United Kingdom.....4.....14
Stamford, England United Kingdom...........1.....18
Uppingham, England United Kingdom.......2.....20
Wittering, England United Kingdom...........3.....23
Peterborough, England United Kingdom.......3.....34
Barrow upon Soar, England United Kingdom...1.....35
Leicester, England United Kingdom..........8.....35
Anstey, England United Kingdom.............3.....37
Eye, England United Kingdom................1.....37
Wisbech, England United Kingdom............1.....37
Newark-on-Trent, England United Kingdom....6.....44
Holbeach, England United Kingdom...........2.....49
Ibstock, England United Kingdom............1.....51
Huntingdon, England United Kingdom.........1.....54
Northampton, England United Kingdom........1.....56
Sutton Bridge, England United Kingdom......1.....59
Grimsby, England United Kingdom............1....103

There have also been many, many aftershocks from Wednesdays 5.7 Offshore Eureka Earthquake and since this all came in late on Wednesday I will have an update on that earthquake in tomorrows EQ Blog, but for today we do know there is still plenty of earthquake stuff shaking out there and there could still be untold amounts of Major Earthquakes yet to come, especially with the Early February Full Moon just around the corner next week!!! EQ Guy

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

6.1 Fiji, and 4.3 Poland Earthquakes, and Let's Watch For 8 Richters Through February Full Moon Window This Weekend!!! UPDATE: 5.7 Richters Struck Offshore Eureka, California Today!!!

UPDATE: In my travels today among other stuff that happened, my phone chimed with a HUGE Northern California Earthquake of 5.7 Richters just Offshore from Eureka, update coming soon! Here is the felt report: NOW Todays EQ Blog:

I tried and I tried, but was not able to make heads nor tales out of the new maps that the USGS has posted to illustrate the exact location of the latest earthquakes. So, instead I decided I would just tell you that the Poland Earthquake was several miles east of Berlin, Germany. How many miles exactly, I actually have no idea and not being too familiar with that region I could not even guess. It might have been twenty or thirty miles east. . . it could have been a hundred miles east, or it might even have been more than a hundred miles to the east such as possibly even two or three hundred miles east. Not sure. Similarly I can not guess how far to the west of the island of Nuie that Fiji Earthquake struck, either? Kind of looked like a little bit of ocean in between the epicenter and a few of those nearby islands, but I suppose if I was to guess by extrapolating the size of those islands that are situated nearby on the map, it could possibly have been one or several hundred miles from the island of Nuie, or Fiji. . . whichever, but I suppose it could also have been as close as maybe 75 miles. I might just have to start getting used to not having a "Scale of Miles" on the new USGS Map system, or I was thinking if there was a way I could search for Google Maps, the system they used to have, and then locate roughly the epicenter on my own, then I might get a better idea of those distances. Until then I am not always going to be able to tell you how many miles things are away due to the new USGS map system not having a scale of miles.

Now let's talk about how the experts predicted that big "Super Storm" shall we? Just heard this one at the last moments before I was leaving work late on Tuesday night. Sounds like the "Experts" missed fairly bad on that latest prediction for a supposedly HUGE Winter Storm that was supposed to strike a lot of the East Coast places. . . and instead it seems to have struck more of the northerly cities and apparently left out some of the biggies such as it looks like Washington, DC might have been one of them. Might have just guessed that would also explain the big scandal, too! That city would not be operating normally if there was not a scandal, know what I'm saying! Now they can't agree on the WEATHER!!! The best I can do is repeat one of my all time not best EQ Alerts. . . and that was the landfalll of Hurricane Irene at Puerto Rico back on August 22, 2011 and here's that days EQ Blog: I added that note to the comments section and will repeat that this alert ended up preceding that now historical and BIGGG Virginia Earthquake that shook Washington, DC, the Washington Monument, and etc.

A dozen earthquakes have struck the Oklahoma Region in the previous 24 hours prior to this EQ Blog, although I did not go back through the entire day and day before to see if there was any particular 24 hours in there that would have led to a higher overall number because it's possible there could have been. While the final day of a normal EQ Alert will be today on the big 8 Richters alert we've been following, there was long ago ONE. . . that I discovered at Day 60 and since there is so much earthquake stuff going on currently I don't think anybody will even notice if we watch all the way through the upcoming early February Full Moon Window!!! EQ Guy

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

LOTS of Earthquakes Are Now Shaking Just South of Reno, Nevada!!! Will That Be Epicenter?

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Several earthquakes struck on Monday in the area SOUTH of Reno, Nevada now although I haven't checked the exact location, it did say also north of Carson City, too. There is a long entire list with lots of tiny earthquakes under ONE Richter that I will edit and run after this felt report that represents both the 2.6 and 2.4 Richters earthquakes at 3:29 and 3:57pm Central or 1:29 and 1:57pm Pacific:

Reno, NV 89511United States of America......9.....8
Reno, NV 89521United States of America.....18....12
Reno, NV 89509United States of America......2....13
Reno, NV 89502United States of America......2....14
Reno, NV 89501United States of America......3....16
Reno, NV 89523United States of America......1....21
Livermore, CA 94551United States of America.1...249

This entire list was 10 or 15 Earthquakes reading up from the top one on this list, these happen to also be the largest ones from the complete list, too. These were continuing as of the writing of todays EQ Blog, too!!!
0.8 14km S of Reno, Nevada 2015-01-26 16:20:47
0.9 15km S of Reno, Nevada 2015-01-26 16:13:11
0.1 15km S of Reno, Nevada 2015-01-26 16:02:44
2.6 15km S of Reno, Nevada 2015-01-26 15:57:10
2.4 14km S of Reno, Nevada 2015-01-26 15:29:11

On my mission to resolve all of the problems with the new USGS listing, it said "Copy and Paste into a Spreadsheet Application" but that goes beyond what I know about copy and pasting. For now I will continue to simply practice with the new system and come up with whatever I can such as the way I did the Reno list above with 5 earthquakes hardly being a challenge to put into columns manually! Just wait until a big enough one comes along that has upwards of a hundred felt reports. . . then it will be time to figure out how to "Paste into a Spreadsheet."

So, as I discovered as I was drafting the script for my latest EQ Blog, it looks like the final day, Day 52 after the landfall of Typhoon Hagupit at Philippines will be on Wednesday. That can go two ways, now! First, something Major could still shake, or once, just once something could just shake in the days BEYOND Day 52, such as say up to Day 60?! Not something that I have too much experience to talk about here, so let us just keep watching for now. Severe winter conditions they are now getting in a few places might become a factor in our not too distant future, too! EQ Guy

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Monday, January 26, 2015

EQ Video Log From Snow Sculpting Championships in Lake Geneva!!! Watch How They Build One of those blocks that they sculpt!!! CLICK Arrow:

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4.7 Richters Strikes 6 Miles Southeast of Xacmaz, Azerbaijan!!! Santa Ana Winds Could Become a Factor in Upcoming Earthquakes, Too!

I have long known that there has been a relationship between those 89 mph gusts of this weekends Santa Ana Winds and a lot of the earthquakes that they get in California. Probably one of my all time best correlations along those lines was the time I was out at the Santa Monica Pier one sunny Saturday when all of the sudden this huge gust of wind sweeps across the Pacific Ocean and hits me directly in the face to the point that it was noticeably high winds! Wasn't all, though! Next the ground shook hard in sympathy and taking it all in caused me to look around to see if I could figure out what it was all about. Well, there was that huge mountain just off in the distance and so I reasoned the wind had not only been blowing in my face, but was probably a tiny part of an enormous air mass clearly moving onto land from offshore there along the Pacific Coast. This all must have caused that "Spot Quake" to shake a moment after the gust of wind went through.

Historically speaking, this would have been the day that I ran home to my apartment in Hollywood and picked up the Daily News where they carry both the days small earthquakes, AND the biggest gusts of wind, and guess what? I was amazingly able to match up the list of biggest wind gusts along side the list of the days small earthquakes as probably many of you have seen both of these lists published daily out there, and they were a perfect match!!! With the exception for the fact that the earthquakes list had the exact minute posted and the winds were rounded off to the nearest five minutes, but obviously even still exact! Ever since that day I have well known The Santa Ana Winds do tip over semi's, blow down billboards and trees. . . and cause lots of 2 and 3 Magnitude Earthquakes around the Southern California Area.

That explains how I was mesmerized early Sunday Morning when earthquake after earthquake was coming in from that California area and I sort of waited to see what was going to happen next. I have now started an "Event Page" on my Hurricane Cards for this weekends "Santa Ana Winds" and you might hear more about it in coming EQ Blogs due to it possibly becoming a precursor to more earthquakes in the future! Here is that list of lots of earthquakes that all struck within ONE HOUR!!! Then we will move on:

3.2 19km NNE of Pine Valley, California 2015-01-25 12:10:17
1.2 20km NNE of Pine Valley, California 2015-01-25 12:06:09
2.2 19km SSE of Ridgemark, California 2015-01-25 12:05:19
2.0 4km S of Calimesa, California 2015-01-25 11:37:21
1.2 9km SSW of Holtville, California 2015-01-25 11:22:57
2.0 13km ESE of Fallbrook, California 2015-01-25 11:21:06

With regards to the banner headline about Azerbaijan, I took a look at the geographical location of the region and found a number of things about it. Probably my biggest discovery might have been the fact that the epicenter of this particular earthquake that headlines todays EQ Blog was near the tomb. . . of NOAH!!!!! Check out this amazing story and see for yourself@ NOW it does sort of lead on that there might be more than one location claiming to be the actual tomb of Noah, and there is supposed to also be a mound there that I suppose might have had something to do with where he built the ark, or something like that, but having just come across this right at press time for todays EQ Blog, I can't be sure how authentic the whole story is right at the moment. I suppose only to say if it says it in Wikipedia, is it necessarily based entirely on truth?

So, we will now be down to the final days on any EQ Alerts that remain in effect and Santa Ana Winds probably will not add too much to that, so as we approach the now higher day numbers still continue to watch and remember that I was the only one watching all by myself for a Major Earthquake in the days long before I had more than 3 or 6 readers per blog. Watch I did, though, and ironically some of the biggest earthquakes in the world struck in the higher day numbers with the 7.1 Richters Los Angeles/Hector Mines day number. . . still to come!!! EQ Guy

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

This Weeks EQ Podcast: Yellowstone Swarm On New Moon!!! CLICK Arrow:

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1.9 Richters Long Beach, California!!! Felt in Torrance!!! Adapting To New "Latest Earthquakes" List! AND New Job in California For The EQ Guy???

I guess looking closer at that Long Beach Earthquake it was actually early on Friday Morning, just that 1.9 was hardly worth posting an update on. When I just now saw the felt report, though, I decided it was worthy of my headline story for Saturday unless something else comes along you know. Also, I just completed my online application for a job at a radio station in a small community in California where I know a lot of people and have a good chance of getting a job there! Nearby one construction job I worked at while out there, and near enough to the Pacific that I can stay at many of the campgrounds out there if I do get this!!! Now let's move on to my long awaited discussion of the landfall of Hurricane Bret at Texas/Mexico in August of 1999.

Here is a great old pic I found of Hurricane Bret which made landfall just to the south of Texas in August of 1999:
You can see in this here pic that the line of the direct landfall there points STRAIGHT towards Los Angeles according to my "Go Straight Theory" and this one actually resulted in a big one there, too!!! This is a pic of the exact track that was taken by huge Hurricane Bret back in August of 1999 and it was Day 55 when the 7.1 Richters Hector Mine Earthquake struck Los Angeles and still a few more days before Day 55 after the landfall of Typhoon Hagupit. . . in case anybody is keeping track.

UPDATE: Just uploaded this weeks EQ Podcast about Yellowstone New Moon Earthquakes! CLICK Arrow: Thank-You For Listening!!!

So far their new system for listing those felt reports at USGS that we have long been enjoying. . . does not seem to be working out too well for myself and the folks at Earthquake Central. Take a look at what the felt report from Fridays 4 Richter Earthquake at Oklahoma looks like with all of those fancy "Roman Numerals" it may take some time to figure out a new way to upload that information! It's certainly not going to be automatic:

Location. MMI. Responses. Distance
Lahoma, OK 73754.United States of America. III. 2. 6
Enid, OK 73703.United States of America. III. 18. 10
Meno, OK 73760.United States of America. IV. 1. 12
Drummond, OK 73735.United States of America. III. 2. 14
Waukomis, OK 73773.United States of America. III. 2. 17
Enid, OK 73701.United States of America. IV. 3. 20
Anthony, KS 67003.United States of America. II. 1. 83
Perkins, OK 74059.United States of America. III. 1. 94
Wichita, KS 67211.United States of America. II. 1. 158
Wichita, KS 67202.United States of America. II. 1. 159
Wichita, KS 67218.United States of America. II. 1. 159
Wichita, KS 67208.United States of America. III. 1. 163
Wichita, KS 67220.United States of America. III. 2. 168

I even had to edit in some dots so that even I could read that, it'll need a lot of work before I can routinely use the information. Although there might be other sources for that sort of information, I will do my best to continue keeping my readers up to date on such things and in the event that something should happen before I have it all figured out, I can still do it the old fashioned way and simply tell you who felt it, where, how many folks, and how many miles away like I do sometimes, anyways!

Since I also had to list this 3.6 Richters Earthquake that struck up there in a somewhat unusual location near Wala-Wala, Washington. . . I will try to upload this to a Lotus 1-2-3 format type of file and see if my Works Word Processor will be of any help in creating columns, let's try it here:

Adams, OR 97810 United States of America............1.....20
Pendleton, OR 97801 United States of America.......25.....26
Athena, OR 97813 United States of America...........6.....28
Walla Walla, WA 99362 United States of America...1.....52
Echo, OR 97826 United States of America.............1.....54
Elgin, OR 97827 United States of America............1.....55
Hood River, OR 97031 United States of America.......1....243
Kuna, ID 83634 United States of America.............1....309
Hillsboro, OR 97124 United States of America........1....343

Although I had to add a couple things there such as that handy # symbol this format otherwise seems to adapt to the columns in my blog rather ok! Still not in alphabetical order, but I do not know of a program that'll do that and infact they are in order according to how many miles from the epicenter! Might have to get used to that, since it's a fairly complex computer algorithm behind all of that info in the first place, sorry it's the best I can do for now.

Keep watching for one more "Hurricane Bret Resultant," or in this case it would be the "Typhoon Hagupit Resultant," because it may still be out there! We WERE still watching the day the 7.1 Richters Earthquake struck us out in Los Angeles!!! You can even ask Lori Wexler:))) Thank-You For Reading!!! EQ Guy

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Friday, January 23, 2015

6.8 Richters Strikes Pacific Ocean Near Vanuatu! ALSO: Those 100 Yellowstone Earthquakes WILL Mean More Earthquakes!!!

Had some trouble just now figuring out their brand new "Latest Earthquakes" pages and actually missed this huge one on my first pass! Remarkably I just happened to check my E-Mail next for whatever reason and was surprised to spot this big earthquake at Vanuatu. In fact so near the main island there that it would seem highly likely a felt report would be certain to list Port Villa. Epicenter still offshore, NO Tsunami was reported and here is that statement directly from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)@

The January New Moon Swarm at Yellowstone officially began at 13 hours and 27 minutes after the exact moment of the new moon and ran the following hours with over 100 earthquakes all totaled. Continuing to run all the way through the second-half of the New Moon Window and then concluded 1 hour, 54 minutes before the exact moment of the end of the January New Moon Window. Thus entirely having shook at the rate of over 100 earthquakes all entirely AFTER the exact moment of the new moon, but possibly more importantly with the aid of the pull of the effects of the new moon from the east, rather than the west as is some times the case in swarms such as this one associated with the full or new moon. Here's the entire list from the day with 100 Earthquakes at Yellowstone at EQ Central:

Such a huge swarm of earthquakes as the swarm that shook at Yellowstone can virtually now be counted on to be followed by an equal number of similar swarms at yet another location or eventually usually a Major Earthquake. Right this moment as I'm writing this I want to report that I came up with Alaska for a possibly location for swarm that may follow, and that region where they have recently gotten swarms near Fairbanks tops my list. Of course Virginia City, North of Reno, and Mammoth Lakes are almost predictable to have Major Swarms following Yellowstone, too. Be watching, though, because the Yellowstone Swarm DOES represent a huge amount of earthquake energy and there remains one possible 8 Richters Earthquake along with a possible tsunami to boot!!! Although that paragraph was written before the 6.8 Vanuatu Earthquake we should probably continue to watch for more! EQ Guy

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Over 100 Earthquakes Strike Yellowstone INSIDE The January New Moon Window!!! WATCH For Who Will Shake NEXT!!!!! WILL 8 Richters Strike Yellowstone???

When I went to the list of all the latest earthquakes and double-checked the Yellowstone area to confirm the total reported earlier in a Wednesday Update of 45, I Zoomed-In on a large mass of small earthquakes and couldn't believe what I was seeing when it said 119 earthquakes there! Next, I reran the time and date on the bulk of them of still over a hundred to be certain and all of those falling well within the January New Moon Window!!! LOTS of shaking at Yellowstone turned out to be the result of the added pull on the surface of the earth during that 24 hours immediately following the exact moment of the New Moon. Here's the entire list at EQ Central:

There was a similar event up in Virginia City not too long ago where the swarm started up at the exact moment of the New or Full Moon and on that occasion it migrated as I now expect this huge swarm at Yellowstone to begin doing very soon! There was also a huge volcano that erupted in Mexico although as of press time today I do not have the time of the exact moment on that eruption but judging by the timing of the story it must have been close to within the New Moon Window. Here's the story, this version has an actual shot of the eruption, too@

This is all now happening so fast that I have to ask you to check back here for tomorrows EQ Blog and I will have all the dates and times calculated and until then I must now say that the now huge swarm at Yellowstone WILL BE a Major Earthquake coming now at some point and could possibly be the indication we have been watching for of an 8 Richters Earthquake-Tsunami that could still be out there! Will Yellowstone get 8 Richters??? Just have to say somebody COULD!!! Be watching and be prepared for the next huge Earthquake/Tsunami Event!!! EQ Guy

One more chance to catch this weeks EQ V-Log at Youtube:

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Big News Is That 4.7 Richters Earthquake That Struck Near Monterey And Pebble Beach, California!!! Check Out The HUGE Felt Report, Too!!!!! UPDATE: 45 Earthquake Strike at Yellowstone!!!!! Keep Watching!!!

UPDATE: There were just now 45 Earthquakes at Yellowstone!!!!! Here's the entire list as of Noon Central Time at EQ Central: NOW Todays EQ Blog:

Here is the felt report from the 4.7 which was later downgraded to a 4.4, SEE Earthquake Central@ There has also been a 4.0 that struck Cuba, 95 miles south of Havana on Tuesday, too.

Of course there have now been 3 earthquakes at Southern Illinois all together they add up to 6.7 Richters at 2.6, 2.1, and 2.0 and one of the felt reports even came from very near me here in Wisconsin!!! First the list of shakers at a small town in the far south even south of Cape G.

2.1 4km WSW of Mound City, Illinois 2015-01-20 08:27:22
2.6 3km W of Mound City, Illinois 2015-01-20 06:27:34
2.2 3km W of Mound City, Illinois 2015-01-20 06:24:30

Next the list of places where the sum total of the Illinois Earthquakes had been felt, remarkably including the town Danica Patrick is from!!!

Roscoe (61073) IL, United States of America............1....593 km
West Frankfort (62896) IL, United States of America....1.....94 km
Carbondale (62901) IL, United States of America........1.....72 km

Finally this weeks EQ Video Log in which I braved the frozen Turtle Creek in my nearby town of Tiffany, Wisconsin for the purpose of shedding some light on the very beautiful Tiffany Railroad Bridge that has been there for a long time and it is unknown why so much white stone was used on that particular bridge? Here's that vid, CLICK Arrow:
Here's a direct link to that vid at Youtube:

Well, another New Moon Window will now officially pass. . . but a lot could happen yet before 7:15am Central Time so keep watching for a while yet and I suppose for those couple of extra hours past the end where a few Major Earthquakes have been known to happen!!! EQ Guy

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Doesn't Look Like That 8 Richters With The Possible Tsunami HAS Struck, Yet!!! Watch During January New Moon!!! UPDATE: 4.7 Richters Near Monterey, California!!! Watch For More!!!

UPDATE: 4.7 Richters Near Monterey, California struck at just SIX MINUTES after exact moment of January New Moon!!!!! Downgraded to 4.4, Here's the huge felt report at Earthquake Central: NOW Todays EQ Blog:

Why don't we first check out this weeks new EQ Video Log in which I braved the frozen Turtle Creek in my nearby town of Tiffany, Wisconsin for the purpose of shedding some light on the very beautiful Tiffany Railroad Bridge that has been there for a long time and it is unknown why so much white stone was used on that particular bridge? Here's that vid, CLICK Arrow:
Here's a direct link to view this weeks EQ Video Log at Youtube:

Just went back and checked all through the last 30 days of all the most major earthquakes in search of anything that might qualify as the one that we continue to be watching for during the January 2015 New Moon Window and am very sorry to have to report that the only ones that I found with any significance are a 6.6 Panama on January 6, 2015 and a 6.3 Tobelo, Indonesia on December 21, 2014 with that landfall of the big Typhoon Hagupit having been on December six or seven their time and our time. Missing is a way to locate the few additional earthquakes that could have struck in between time, say Mid-December but I will attempt to locate them prior to the deadline for this blog or tomorrow.

Exact moment of the January New Moon will be 5:15am Tuesday Morning Pacific Time and the entire New Moon Window will run into Wednesday at about the same time although we do add a few hours to that for extra measure so let's take the window on into Wednesday a while say sunset local time at which point we will be ever so near an all clear. . . but not just yet! There's still two whole days of that January New Moon lurking and at least one Major Earthquake and possibly tsunami that does seem to be unaccounted for!!!!! EQ Guy

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