Friday, March 6, 2015

LOOKS Like That Swarm At Bakersfield is Continuing Under This Months Full Moon!!! Full Moon Window Continues Through Friday, Keep Watching!!!

If there is nothing else coming along in the moments before I post todays EQ Blog, here is this weeks new EQ Podcast about Saturdays 3.1 New Madrid Earthquake along with all those East Coast Snow Epicenter Earthquakes! CLICK Arrow:

Looks like there might be a slight error in the exact moment of this months Full Moon! Just now gone back and found the reading for the exact moment was as follows, "2015, Mar. 5, 18:07" or 18:07 Universal Time actually on Thursday at 12:07pm Central Time. Sorry that I thought I understood this to be a very early morning exact moment and might have posted 12 or 1 O'clock in the morning as the time we should calculate off from, when actually it looks like that was an afternoon time and I do not know how that got miscalculated. Therefore the exact moment of the Full Moon would have instead been just after 12 Noon Central Time and more like around 10:07am Pacific Time. This will now also be the time when the Full Moon Window will end on Friday or around Noon Central Time.

This has to have been so far about the least active full moon that I have personally witnessed in as long as I can recall at least so far as there being so much going on and so little reaction in the form of earthquakes. . . especially when one MIGHT have expected something might really be shaking!!! So here is the latest on the Arvin Swarm Near Bakersfield and I'm sorry this isn't all that big of a deal, but still seems to be something to do with the Full Moon at least according to the couple of felt reports that will follow this here link to the entire updated list of all those earthquakes at Earthquake Central: NOW Here's those couple of Felt Reports:

Visalia, CA 93292 United States of America........1.....136
Merced, CA 95341 United States of America.........1.....288

Those were from one of the bigger ones of the bunch and in the moments before this EQ Blog was posted there was also just in a 4.3 at Zaio, Morrocco although it will be some time into the morning before there will be a complete update there.

Full Moon Window COULD still bring about plenty of Earthquake Excitement, yet!!! We will definitely need to keep a watching for there could yet be something real MAJOR Shaking before this Full Moon Window is all over late in the day on Friday! Although the exact moment of the end will be around Noon. . .by now most of you know we routinely add a few hours for extra measure which will take us through the better part of the day on Friday!!! Keep Watching because it is a fairly safe bet there will be more earthquakes coming on Friday!!! EQ Guy

Here's This Weeks EQ Video Log from New Madrid, Missouri at YouTube:

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

This Weeks New EQ Podcast With New Madrid Making Major Shaker a Sure Thing, Now!!!!! CLICK Arrow:

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Huge Earthquake Swarm at Arvin Near Bakersfield!!! Could This Be Epicenter of Next Major California Earthquake? Full Moon Window Continues!!!

LOTS Going on right now in California!!! Here is a look at just the latest list from this brand new swarm at Arvin near Bakersfield: There was a 7.3 Richters Earthquake there in 1952 and so let's watch the Bakersfield-Kern County Region now, too!!!

Looking at the list of the most recent earthquakes I am reminded that what we are looking at is ACTUALLY the list of all the smaller earthquakes that are most probably preceding the next Major California or West Coast Earthquake. Point being that we need to ultimately have a very, very good idea by looking at the list at any given moment. . . WHERE this next big monster will strike!!! That includes taking as close a look at ones such as the 2.5 that struck a few miles north of Ventura, California around 8am Wednesday Morning. Will that be a foreshock for Eureka? Santa Barbara? Santa Barbara Islands? So it may not always be enough to check these lists out AFTER the big one, rather check the list out regularly and try hard to make a determination where this next big earthquake might strike. . . and when!!!

Here is the felt report from that Ventura Earthquake:

Ventura, CA 93001 United States of America..............51......6
Ventura, CA 93003 United States of America..............29......6
Oak View, CA 93022 United States of America..............1......9
Oxnard, CA 93030 United States of America................1.....14
Oxnard, CA 93035 United States of America................1.....15
Ojai, CA 93023 United States of America.....................2.....22
Los Angeles, CA 90004 United States of America.........1.....91
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254 United States of America....1......94
Anaheim, CA 92804 United States of America...............1....131

Here's that link to the felt report from Saturdays 3.1 Richters New Madrid Earthquake: I suppose mostly for folks in that region where it was mostly felt, but if the shaking was felt there it could also mean additional fault lines across the region were affected by all this shaking and there could be more to come. In fact there was at least one other small earthquake in the area that actually took place while I was there on Quake Chase 2015 and it struck at 8:18am on Monday Morning, a 1.6 about 5 miles Southwest of New Madrid, just as I was checking out of my motel in Beautiful Cape Girardeau to begin the days tour of all those affected areas listed in that felt report! Will this be a factor in when and where the next big earthquake will strike?

The Full Moon Window will run all the way through like Thursday and into early Friday with the exact moment of the Full Moon taking place just after midnight early Thursday at just minutes after Midnight Pacific Time and 1 or 2am Central. Saw one of those very beautiful occasions where the moon was rising as the sun had yet to set on the opposite horizon and got some good pics, too, before clouds obscurred the moon. So the full moon could yet produce some Major Earthquake Energy besides that Arvin Swarm which could also become a dangerous thing!!!!! Be Watching and be prepared!!! EQ Guy

Been getting a good number of views on this weeks EQ Video Blog, so one more time from Downtown New Madrid!!! CLICK Arrow:
Here's EQ Video Log: New Madrid at YouTube:

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

6.1 Indonesia Earthquake Strikes Just South of Banda Aceh!!! Full Moon Window Begins!!!

Although I hadn't thought there may be a chance of a Major Earthquake around Indonesia, this is about the second or third one now in this new series of earthquakes there and so I suppose we might watch for more, but I don't have any typical resultants of Severe Winter Conditions in North America leading to an Indonesia Earthquake. I do have plenty leading to California Earthquakes and always with "Snowfall Epicenters" out east as I discuss in this weeks EQ Video Blog one more time from Downtown New Madrid!!! CLICK Arrow:
Here's EQ Video Log: New Madrid at YouTube:

With the exact moment of the full moon being March 5 at 2:07am Central Time it looks like the March 2015 Full Moon Window might have started already early today. With so much earthquake stuff going on this will only increase the chances of earthquake energy being released inside of the window or between 2am on Wednesday Morning and very early on Friday Morning. So, the time is getting ever so much closer for California and West Coast to be looking at 6.9 to 7.9 Richters and now add full moon, although we've had so much cloud cover for so long now it's hard to say Full Moon when it just hasn't been visible. . . but it's still there so still be prepared!!!!! EQ Guy

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Here's This Weeks EQ Video Log: LIVE From New Madrid, Missouri!!! CLICK Arrow:

Here's EQ Video Log: New Madrid at YouTube:

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LIVE From Beautiful Downtown New Madrid!!! This Weeks EQ Video Log, Too!!!!!

Ground moves around just about constantly here!!! After the 3.1 Richters Earthquake at New Madrid on Saturday, I immediately headed for Missouri and here is this weeks EQ Video Log!!! CLICK Arrow:

Here's EQ Video Log: New Madrid at YouTube:

So far no other major shakers to report and I will have a complete update when I arrive back home late on Tuesday!!! But continue to be watching for Major Shakers because all of those "Snow Epicenter Earthquakes" out east, AND a 3.1 New Madrid Area Earthquake DO mean there is a big one coming!!!!! Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

7.0 Richters Strikes Indonesia!!! North American Tectonic Plate Pushing The Pacific Tectonic Plate!? ALSO: Earthquake Strikes Encino/Westwood/Beverly Hills Epicenter!!! UPDATE: Caribbean and Pasadena Earthquakes!!!

Somewhere I have the actual note sheet where I wrote down the word Caribbean and had intended to include that in todays EQ Blog but lost the sheet in the middle of all my yesterdays biz of which I had a lot to do! So, wouldn't you know that todays Early Saturday Morning Update would now be including a couple of fair sized shakers in none other than the Caribbean!!! Those two early Saturday Earthquakes are 4.6 Dominica and 4.0 just West of Saba a tiny island particularly known for the volcano there! Speaking of volcanoes, I was also going to mention Martinique, famously known itself for another big volcano! One that could yet become a factor in all this upcoming potential Major Earthquake Energy, too! There were also TWO small earthquakes right in the heart of Pasadena, a 1.7 and 1.3 so that is a place we might now need to watch very closely for a big one! And watch Caribbean closely because we practically know for sure they could be in for a HUGE upcoming Major Earthquake, or Volcano!!!!! NOW Todays EQ Blog:

Next is this weeks EQ Podcast about all of those Earthquakes that struck the East Coast this week!!! CLICK Arrow:

If you follow closely my work on the TV Series that I maybe should not name right now, well anyways there is a whole lot of good news happening besides finding our recently it has been renewed for Season 4! The other news is that there were recently two supposedly fairly big parts that I had submitted for (and didn't get) and as of yesterday catching up on a couple of past episodes the scene at the bar with all the guys wearing Hawaiian Shirts is now past and I am glad to report that there wasn't really any scenes of the type that I personally live to be in! Just a lot of basic what I call "General Atmosphere" Scenes where at best I might have been seen somewhere in the background like talking to the bartender or standing around with a bunch of my new friends whom all also had a Hawaiian Shirt or two, but NO real action besides standing there holding a glass!!! As for the bowlers where the scene supposedly needed several guys who could do some "Acting". . . that turned out to be a fairly cool scene where there was an actual guy who got caught inside one of those automatic pinsetters. That scene merely had a bunch of guys standing around near the bowling machine and that was basically all there was to it as far as any acting is concerned. Didn't miss too much opportunity to demonstrate my acting skills there, either. Onward now with Season 3 and since I was lucky enough not to get either of those rather lame parts, I now continue to be ELIGIBLE for the next Great Acting part that comes along on my unnamed show that is currently shooting in nearby Chicago!

Of course the subject is by no means at the bottom of the list, it is just appearing here due to all of that other stuff you were reading about being already all written up and the earthquake stuff just now being added at the last minute before this blog goes to press. The 7.0 Richters Earthquake at Indonesia could possibly be the result of all the Snow Epicenter movement of the North American Tectonic Plate against the Pacific Tectonic Plate and Indonesia is situated out there in the region where it could have been affected by all that movement. If so then the fact that all of these tectonic plates ARE moving in just the exact pattern that was suggested by that Indonesia Earthquake and the next Great Earthquake could be California or our West Coast if the same movement continues!

It was just this week that I discovered while discussing that big 6.0 Boston Earthquake of the year 1755 that it struck following the 1755 Great Lisbon, Portugal Earthquake by 17 days. Not only does that serve to reduce the liklihood of that big of earthquake striking East Coast again, but I'll be writing more about it in the coming days because according to what today we consider accepted science. . . these two historically very Major Earthquakes are now products of the exact same source of Major Earthquake Energy! Yes, they are literally connected and as of this writing in the year 2015 practically any seismology person will agree!!! That subject is to be continued but how I wish to end the story for today is that there has also been a brand new Encino/Westwood/Beverly Hills Earthquake at the recently very shaky Sepulveda Pass Epicenter and while this 8:39pm Pacific Time Earthquake was just a 1.4 Richters Shaker. . . we are awaiting a very much more serious 6.9 to 7.9 Richters Major Earthquake and it would be a huge disaster if it would strike at or anywhere near that neighborhood!!! Be Prepared and God Bless!!!!! EQ Guy

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Several East Coast Earthquakes EQ Podcast!!! CLICK Arrow:

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2.5 Richters Strikes 24 Miles West of Richmond! Also a 3.4 Strikes Southwest of San Diego, Both Felt Reports! UPDATE: 7.0 Earthquake at Indonesia!!!

UPDATE: This 7.0 Richters Earthquake struck Indonesia around 3am Hawaii Time and no tsunami was expected according to The NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. There were felt reports from Bali. NOW Todays EQ Blog:

As I am continuing to keep an eye on the East Coast for still more shaking that could later become major foreshocks or signs of significant movement of the North American Tectonic Plate. . . along comes a 2.5 Richters Earthquakes 24 Miles West of Richmond as we might have been expecting if you follow all this closely. Here's the felt report:

Maidens, VA 23102 United States of America.............3........8
Sandy Hook, VA 23153 United States of America........1.......13
Goochland, VA 23063 United States of America...........7.......14
Gum Spring, VA 23065 United States of America........1.......14
Manakin Sabot, VA 23103 United States of America....2.......15
Rockville, VA 23146 United States of America.............2.......16
Montpelier, VA 23192 United States of America...........2.......21
Richmond, VA 23233 United States of America............1.......23
Bumpass, VA 23024 United States of America.............2.......26
Richmond, VA 23229 United States of America............1.......30
Richmond, VA 23223 United States of America............1.......47
Orange, VA 22960 United States of America................1.......58
Spotsylvania, VA 22553 United States of America........1.......65
Newport News, VA 23608 United States of America.....1......132

So we are now looking at first those two Connecticut Earthquakes and so we continued watching the East Coast suspecting more shaking might be coming and we NOW have this additional 2.5 Richters Richmond, Virginia Earthquake or 24 miles west of their anyways. All totaled so far it is looking like 5.8 Richters total, if totaling it all up matters and it has merely been a reference point that I have occasionally used in the past. At this point we might still keep an eye out on the East Coast, but I can't say there could be too much more earthquake energy awaiting out there. COULD be,though and of course a big one could still be lurking out there around Boston, New York, or more around Richmond! As all this is happening the possibility of a Major Earthquake striking California is going way up!!!!!

Proof of that might be the 3.4 Richters Earthquake that struck 42 Miles Southwest of San Diego and just to the west offshore from Tijuana, Mexico, at 4:43pm Pacific Time on Thursday. Here's the felt report from that one apparently even felt up in Lytle Creek up in San Bernardino County!

San Diego, CA 92101 United States of America................2.....77
National City, CA 91950 United States of America............1.....78
Spring Valley, CA 91977 United States of America............1.....88
La Mesa, CA 91941 United States of America..................1.....90
Carlsbad, CA 92008 United States of America.................1....110
Lytle Creek, CA 92358 United States of America..............1....228

You're up to date unless something else comes along on Friday that is worthy of an update. I also notice the full moon is quickly approaching with the Full Moon Window starting next Wednesday. If anybody wants to take a look at the current Official Prediction it is at: AND along the way I changed the focus to San Francisco and upped the range now 6.9 to 7.9 and so it is getting to be time to start thinking about Earthquake Preparation in California, West Coast and Alaska, just saying. Be Prepared because the days are counting now and there could be a Major Earthquake right around the corner!!!!! EQ Guy

Please watch The Weeks EQ Video Log all about how Severe Winter Conditions usually preceed a Major Earthquake on our West Coast!!! On YouTube@

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Actually 2 Connecticut Earthquakes at the "Snow Epicenter"!!! Snow, Snow, Snow, and More Snow!!!!! BIG Alert Continues!!!

A lot going on with earthquakes right at the moment including probably the biggest news was that my phone rang loudly because I have the alert turned way up loud on it. . .expecting just that to happen at any moment now and it was a 3.7 Richters Earthquake just south of Twenty-Nine Palms Region of Southern California! Immediately I knew there would be a huge felt report and here it is:

Indio, CA 92203 United States of America.......................12......28
Indio, CA 92201 United States of America........................6......32
Palm Desert, CA 92211 United States of America............7......34
Twentynine Palms, CA 92277 United States of America.....3......38
Indian Wells, CA 92210 United States of America..............1......39
La Quinta, CA 92253 United States of America.................4......39
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270 United States of America........1......41
Palm Desert, CA 92260 United States of America..........2......44
Riverside, CA 92508 United States of America..............1.....120
Carlsbad, CA 92008 United States of America................1.....148
Pomona, CA 91766 United States of America..................1.....160
Buena Park, CA 90621 United States of America.............1.....181
Whittier, CA 90601 United States of America...................1.....185

Snow, snow, snow and more snow! Looks like they're currently getting in the range of another foot of snow across a lot of the same places where they seem to have gotten snow last week. Part of the story on Wednesday night was the fact that 2500 flights were canceled in Tennessee, Georgia, South and North Carolina! Even Wisconsin was giving the reports from basically that same winter storm system with amounts up to six inches, and I know I had to shovel some of that myself as well as having to sweep it off my car more than once on Wednesday, too!

So, I was just going back to the Connecticut Earthquake and found there had been more than one so it will now be the Connecticut Earthquakes because I now have it all written out on a sheet in front of me that there had been a 1.4 at 8:13am, and a 1.8 at 8:18am Central Time and I am fairly sure the date would now be day before yesterday or like Monday and just a few minutes apart, so probably 9:13am, and 9:18am Eastern Time. Might still be more coming out east with these two west of Providence, and south of Worcester being plenty of foreshocks to suit me. . . but more could be coming and there is CERTAINLY going to be some Major Earthquakes possibly California!!! Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

See This Weeks EQ V-Log at YouTube@

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

1.8 Richters Strikes at Wauregan, Connecticut!!! There COULD Be More East Coast Shakers Coming!!! Be Prepared!!! UPDATE: 5.9 Japan!!!

Just this ever growing list of earthquakes shaking out at Hawaii tells me there is SOMETHING going on! Of course we've been watching East Coast for earthquakes and that 1.8 is surely enough to get the ball rolling for sure! Here is the LINK to view that now Updated Hawaii Swarm @ Note that there was also a 4.2 a few miles north of Jamaica and that region could become a part of all this, too, including Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Cuba. If you have not seen that Official Prediction yet here it is: AND here is a link to a story from Spain, about yesterdays 5.0 Richters felt in their capital of Madrid as buildings swayed there!!! Story @

There was also a 3.4 50 miles offshore from Eureka that was also felt in both San Leandro, and San Ramone which I believe are both in the San Francisco area, so remember San Francisco just could become the epicenter of this upcoming 6.9 to 7.9 Richters Earthquake although my two best other alerts for earthquakes the result of severe winter conditions were Paso Robles and Eureka with Northridge also having been one of them, so up to this point I have not had San Francisco become that big earthquake that follows a bad winter. Note however that two of the biggest WERE! That would be the New Madrid Series and Great Alaska Earthquake and Tsunami of 1964, so we probably should hope San Francisco does not get one that bad as a result of this whether or not they have had one to speak of in recent history. . . besides the usual straight line earthquake energy which is a whole different story.

I might need to update this next one later, but for now check out the first draft of the felt report from the 8:18pm, 9:18pm Eastern Time Connecticut Earthquake and I'll expect felt reports to be coming in through the morning so one final update might be due during the day Wednesday, here's that felt report:

Moosup, CT 06354 United States of America..............1.....5
Plainfield, CT 06374 United States of America............1.....6
Danielson, CT 06239 United States of America...........3.....7
Dayville, CT 06241 United States of America..............1....14
Northbridge, MA 01534 United States of America.......1....49
Cheshire, CT 06410 United States of America............1....88
Billerica, MA 01821 United States of America.............1...104

So watch for more action on the East Coast, although that one really got us going, there should still be one or two more small ones such as that one and pretty much sort of around the same region right there in the middle of all the most severe winter conditions and by far the most snowfall, too!!! EQ Guy

One more chance to watch this weeks new EQ Video log right now all about the current Official Prediction if you haven't seen it, yet! CLICK Arrow:

See This Weeks EQ V-Log at YouTube@ Thank-You For Watching!!! EQ Guy

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

5.0 Richters Strikes Near Ossa de Montiel, Spain!!! Also 5's in Argentina and Japan!!! UPDATE: SUDDENLY Lots of Earthquakes at Hawaii. . .

UPDATE: There are currently LOTS of earthquakes striking Hawaii, Entire 24 Hour list @ NOW Todays EQ Blog:

Probably the biggest earthquake we will continue to watch for is the upcoming possible major East Coast Earthquake that is expected to be the foreshock to all of this other upcoming earthquake activity that will surely be coming soon! Mostly continue to watch around Boston, Connecticut, Maine, New York and New Jersey for even the slightest signs of the ground MOVING! Generally these tend to be like a couple of tiny 2's, but occasionally they go as high as a 3 or 4, and of course can hit 5 and possibly 6, so be watching!!! And you can watch this weeks new EQ Video log right now, just CLICK Arrow:

See This Weeks EQ Video Log at YouTube@

Now on those 5 Magnitude Earthquakes mentioned in todays headline, first the link to the now complete list for that already large series all shaking Japan just north of the epicenter of the 2011 earthquake there, that list is at: NEXT the felt report from that 5.0 Spain Earthquake which looks like it shook most of that country and appeared to be a fairly large earthquake for that region, see the felt report@ AND That Argentina Earthquake was just coming in as I was writing this EQ Blog, so right at the moment I do not know any more about it besides the fact that it was a 5.4

During the time I was writing the recent Official Prediction it was apparent to me there was at least one big earthquake missing and it occurred to me there had been one way up along the coast at the point where the first border with Alaska was and so I looked it up and found it! We are talking about the 7.5 Richters Alaska Earthquake on January 5, 2013 that you can very obviously call a "January Earthquake"!!! Too late to add that to the list of all those other January Earthquakes and that one even happened in January!

Finally my notes say to mention the fact that there were 117 Brand New records for low temperatures and it was -25 in Flint, Michigan. . . and that was a NEW All-Time Low!!!!! I am thinking they mean that 25 below zero was the COLDEST it's ever been in Flint, Michigan in recorded history!!! Be watching for a Major Earthquake because severe cold is a factor. . . and it is COLD!!!!! Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

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Monday, February 23, 2015

This Weeks Video Log Severe Winter Conditions, Official Prediction From Blackhawk Island!!! CLICK Arrow:

See This Weeks EQ Video Log at YouTube@

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